5 Features Which Make Eclinicalworks EMR So Popular

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Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks is a popular EHR company that prides itself as a long-standing provider with over one million healthcare professionals using their software. It is based in Westborough, Massachusetts and is used across all 50 states and multiple countries around the world. eClinicalWorks EMR is viewed as a robust software solution for practice management, clinical documentation, patient engagement, and more.

eClinicalWorks – An Overview

Healthcare organizations rely on this solution to perform daily tasks, such as charting, scheduling, data analytics, and revenue cycle management. The software offers comprehensive charting and documentation features to eliminate the need for hand-written documents. Medical experts utilize eClinicalWorks to improve the quality of treatment and increase their overall revenue

eClinicalWorks EMR reviews vouch for the fact that it prioritizes its customers and makes usability and customer satisfaction easy. This software’s Capabilities are further crowned but its optimization for use on mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

This software solution comes with an extensive list of features that help users in the delivery of a customizable and highly innovative system for different medical setups, including health centres, primary care offices, ambulatory surgical centres, hospitals, mobile clinics, and more than 50 other specialities.

Top 5 eClinicalWorks EMR Features

Here’s a list of top features rated by users, so you know what to look for when considering eClinicalWorks EHR Software.

  • Patient Portal

This feature by eClinicalWorks is highly acclaimed by users for offering a streamlined user interface for both providers and patients. It is web-based and allows patients to communicate securely with their providers over the Internet. Patients can also view their personal health records, request prescription refills, schedule appointments, view lab results, complete practice forms, and much more. Moreover, it helps patients track their activities and offers tools that motivate and encourage them to participate actively throughout their care process.

  • Interoperability 

Another useful feature of this software is a suite of interoperability solutions. The platform facilitates data sharing between multiple clinics or the hospital’s different departments. It allows communication with any RIS system or radiology vendor that supports HL7 messaging, analyzing and comparing data leads to greater population health.

This software is viewed as a platform to securely share facets of patient care, including patient records summary, electronic referrals, lab results, and quality measure data. Users who booked eClinicalWorks EMR demo to test-drive this solution suggest that it facilitates practice-to-practice and provider-to-provider communication within and across organizations. In addition to this, an eHub feature further manages data exchange between several ancillary systems.

  • Practice Management

eClinicalWorks offers a powerful practice management system that is fully integrated and eliminates duplicate data entry, resulting in greater office efficiency and fewer errors. It pulls data directly from the clinical note to form the basis for the claim. Robust scheduling tools work in tandem with Comprehensive patient registration features to let providers and clinical staff make front and back-office tasks smooth and efficient.

In addition to this, the clearinghouse connectivity tool supports real-time eligibility checking and secure internal messaging, while the business intelligence reporting makes this practice management system a top choice for healthcare facilities of all sizes and specialities.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

This platform’s revenue cycle management system provides effective and powerful billing solutions and services to healthcare practices across the nation at the generally available cost of 2.9% of monthly generated revenue.

This software offers hundreds of RCM features, including credentials, claim submission, analytics, and insurance verification. eClinicalWorks v11 also includes several revenue cycle management tools, such as collections, patient insurance eligibility, claims scrubbing, and more. The vendor offers a choice of RCM solutions to allow users to choose between a self-service model in which a practice handles their own billing or an RCM Service Model where the company provides a complete end-to-end solution. 

  • Telehealth

Healow TeleVisits by this software solution lets primary and speciality providers deliver care sessions remotely. This improves safety and access to healthcare for patients who cannot travel because of age, distance, any condition, or during a time of crisis like COVID-19. eClinicalWorks’ easy to set up, HIPPA-compliant, and affordably priced telehealth solution works with any EHR and integrates seamlessly with eClinicalTouch for use on an iPad or eClincalMobile on a smartphone. 

According to eClinicalWorks EMR Reviews, patients can also schedule online appointments with their providers from home. Moreover, healthcare experts and patients can connect anywhere around the world using the healow Virtual Room.

Overview of Benefits

  • The software enables practitioners to spend less time documenting and charting and focus more on delivering quality patient care.
  • Users can easily document electronically rather than on paper to reduce the chances of any handwritten errors and ensure data accuracy.
  • This EHR software effortlessly recognizes health patterns and suggests a diagnosis as well as provides analytics to see how your setup stacks up against others.
  • The self-service modules for patients, such as online doctor-patient visits and appointment scheduling, let patients actively participate throughout their treatment process. 
  • Unlike other EHR vendors, eClinicalWorks offers 24/7 customer support with no start-up cost. 
  • Storing healthcare data to the software’s cloud-based server lets users repurpose the space being used to store physical documents while also ensuring the security of sensitive patient information. 

EClinicalWorks EMR Pricing

eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing plan starts at $499.00 per month. eClinicalWorks does not have a free version. They don’t offer a free trial.

Support and Training Details

eCW offers initial on-site training for a practice with 1-9 providers. The vendor may charge an additional implementation fee for facilities with more than 9 providers. It offers 24/7 free support, maintenance, and free webinars. Moreover, the disaster recovery/nimbus is available to all users. 

Final Thoughts

eClinicalWorks EMR is a popular choice for a lot of reasons. It is neck-to-neck with robust features, offers various pricing tiers as well a free of cost transition from your existing EHR. But before investing in this health recording solution, we recommend you do your research, explore users reviews over different online platforms, check out eClinicalWorks EMR pricing details, and call the vendor for further clarifications.

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