5 Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your e-Store

5 Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your e-Store
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2020 took a leap in digitalization. Ideas and business tactics that once were considered innovative are not just enough now. Look at the marketing and communication ways, for example. Discounts and loyalty programs were the topmost attracting technique. But now, customers want more. Deals like  5% discount don’t lure them.

To fill that gap, many technologies have emerged. A few known names as we know are AR and VR, AI, etc. 

Businesses all over are implementing these technologies to attract customers. And it’s necessary, after all, we live in an era where technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Customer behavior and preferences are changing, and it’s hard to understand what would make them stick.

This article is to help you curate a marketing strategy, here are some tips. Implementing them will surely help you double your customer base. Dig in!

  1. Offer Personalization and Recommendation

If you want to be exceptionally unique as a business, offer personalization. It could be personalized product/service, content, emails, anything. You can even offer product recommendations. The feature can be of great help in retaining customers. 

Look at Amazon, for example. The business provides features like a product recommendation, items you may like to provide customers with what they want. They use customer-data and recommend products based on their search and shopping behavior. 

Similarly, you can use personalization in different ways. For example

  • You can leverage customer data to personalize emails for digital content
  • Offer discounts and notify about the sale of the products they were looking for
  • Recommend products based on their search history, past shopping, Wishlist, etc
  • Send emails to recommend products based on the collected data
  • Personalize the homepage and add direct CTA’s

Personalization and recommendation is not a trend. It’s the expectation of customers. Around 59% of customers say that it influences their buying decision. 90% of US consumers find marketing personalization appealing. 

From a conversion point of view, 86% of marketers saw an uplift in business results from personalized campaigns.

Therefore, implement it.  Who knows you can be the next in line of profits?

  1. Communicate via Live Chat

Do you know about conversational marketing? It builds trust and loyalty among customers, which in turn attracts more. 

So, embrace it in your eCommerce business through live chats, and online support. Make sure that customers can interact and get an immediate response. Because when conversation strikes, 82% would want an immediate reply. 

You can implement it using chatbots and live chat features. If a customer wants something, they can find or get a response instantly. Unlike traditional approaches, where customers had to call or email (in worst scenarios), this marketing strategy lets you engage with your customers on their terms. Device, platform, time schedule is according to customers’ preference. 

Ask your eCommerce development company to add these features to your e-store. 

  1. Use AR for Digital Engagement

Video content marketing is now old-fashion. With brewing technologies, customers now look forward to 3D previews, virtual try-on, smart mirrors, digital couture, etc.

Therefore, your marketing approach should allure them to try-on products. Don’t just go for advertising or announcing new products. Allow customers to try on new designs virtually and click a picture. Let them share it on social media and across groups. With it, you won’t have to spend extra on marketing via videos, images, posters, etc. 

Next, you can enable them to try-on products prior to purchase. Maybelline, Nike, Adidas, and the other big brands have already implemented it. You can implement it even in your physical store – smart mirrors, to be precise. 

 If you’re providing services, bring in some AR-enabled strategies to engage with customers. Like Coca-Cola did by activating AR animated stories on their cans. 

  1. Interact on Social Media Channels 

Social media marketing is not going anywhere. It has just evolved from sharing images and promoting products to engaging with customers via events, quizzes, fun games, etc. 

So, what can you do?

You can share reels, organize giveaways, promote user-generated content, etc. A virtual event or anything that would make customers engage with your eCommerce business is a profitable strategy. 

If you can adjust your budget a bit, try implementing filters on your AR app and then allow customers to share it on their social channels. 

 The best example of this kind of strategy is Netflix Stranger Things marketing campaign. After the first season, they released a 360-degree video on YouTube with Google’s cardboard virtual reality attachment. You can also try something like this with your product’s video.

  1. Voice and Smart Search

The simplest way to attract customers is to integrate smart search features into your e-store. Voice search helps customers provide relevant information about the product/service they are searching for. 

Nowadays, most customers use digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google to shop. Adopting a voice search strategy will help you create an optimized experience and brand awareness. 

Let us see a few of the examples.

  • PayPal allows users to send money to friends and businesses via Siri
  • Patron Tequila helps customers access personalized cocktail recipes through voice search
  • Dominos allows customers to order their fav pizza without accessing a phone or device to place an order

Optimizing voice search will be a great method to bring in more customers. It won’t be far that you can advertise on voice assistants. Along with the answer to your question, Siri will also share a piece of advice from its sponsor. Like, along with Spicy Pizza types, it will share Domino’s new spicy pizza information.  

Final Words

These are not the trends that you would witness in 2021 but the sure-shot methods that every business would implement to attract customers. 

If you want to upsell your eCommerce business, you have to try it too.

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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