5 Tips for Improving the Engagement of Intranet Content

intranet content
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86% of employees and executives agree that poor communication is a primary cause of workplace failure.

Communication sits at the core of everything we do. Fortunately, creating platforms has never been easier, thanks to technology. Intranets are networks that exist outside of a business.

At its core, these platforms allow organizations to communicate through instant messaging. However, intranets can be much more powerful if businesses know how to use them.

You can introduce a platform, but quality intranet content is what keeps employees engaged. Are you looking to get more employee engagement on your intranet server? Read on to discover five tips for creating better intranet content.

1. Identify Your Goals

Building a better version of something starts with knowing the issues you want to fix. Look at your intranet and identify what problems could be hindering engagement. It also helps to assess engagement stats.

This allows you to determine if a specific type of content is performing better than others. Aside from the content itself, you also want to see if you need to improve the structure.

Ask yourself what purpose you want your intranet to serve for employees. Do you want to turn it into the “go-to” channel for internal communication? Do you want to incorporate a modern intranet into your onboarding strategy?

It also helps to consider scalability when building an intranet. This ensures that your platform will grow with your business.

Getting feedback from your employees is a great way to identify what needs improvement. Ask your team what they want to see on the intranet.

Your intranet goals should also be clear with your employees. If you want to use it as a resource hub, let your employees know they can use it as such.

2. Prioritize User Experience

User experience is of prime importance when it comes to building a platform. None of your employees will want to use the company intranet if it’s hard to use.

The best thing about creating a corporate intranet is that you can add as many features as you want. However, this can easily turn into a major flaw in your platform. Cramming too many things at once will make your intranet difficult to navigate.

Employees can lose track of content or find it difficult to even get past the intranet home page. Only implement the necessary tools when planning your intranet. Choose a design that is pleasing to the eye and ensure that everything is easy to find.

You can do this by creating a drop-down menu for all tools and features. Remember: the more employees use the intranet, the more likely they are to view the content you post there.

Remote Access

74% of American companies are planning to adopt some form of hybrid or remote working model. The pandemic proved that flexible work can boost productivity and employee happiness. If your company is planning to follow this, you must ensure that your intranet can cater to out-of-office employees.

Choose software that’s easy to access without the need for a corporate device. Employees should be able to access the intranet anywhere at any time.

3. Make Your Intranet Valuable

Your intranet should not only be a platform of communication. If you want to boost employee engagement, turn your platform into a valuable asset or tool. This gives employees a good reason to explore or access the intranet more regularly.

You can do this by using your intranet to post important announcements or updates. This encourages users to open conversations and keep track of news coming onto the intranet.

You can also turn your platform into a resource hub. This can serve as an excellent way to onboard new employees into your intranet software. Ensure all your training resources are accessible on your intranet platform.

Make sure all relevant documents are easy to find on the intranet. This gives both new and old employees a reason to keep using the platform.

You can even share job postings on the intranet. This gives employees a chance to advance their careers within your organization. It also shows your employees that your company cares about their growth and well-being.

4. Make It Social

One great way to increase employee engagement is to encourage social interactions. Allow employees to share photos, videos, or posts. It also helps to enable “like” and “comment features” to promote interaction between employees.

Holding social events, even online, can cultivate teamwork and a sense of belonging between employees. You can use the intranet to host fun events like game nights or birthday celebrations.

The company intranet is an excellent place to celebrate victories. You can use your platform to give recognition to the employees who deserve a shout-out.

Some companies like to implement a top-down design to mimic popular social media like Twitter or Instagram. Check out some Sharepoint intranet examples here!

5. Add Resources for Wellness and Health

A company intranet is the perfect place to share helpful tips regarding work. However, it is also a great platform to remind your employees about their health. Your employees will only be as productive as they are healthy.

Use your intranet software to share health posts, like preventing sickness. It also encourages your employees to care for their emotional and mental health. Burnout is an epidemic in productive spaces.

Not only can it impact your company’s performance, but it can also damage your team’s morale. If you’re working in a hazardous environment, ensure your intranet includes links to your company’s safety policy.

Improving Intranet Content for Employee Engagement

So, what is an intranet? A company intranet provides employees with a one-stop shop for digital resources and internal communication. However, without quality intranet content, your employees could miss out on the benefits.

Follow these tips to create intranet content that puts your employees first. Are you looking for more digital innovations to incorporate into your business? Check out our other blog posts to discover the latest tech and software.

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