5 Tips To Find The Best Hotels Deals

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Not everyone can afford to splurge on five-star hotels when traveling. There are many who love to travel but either don’t have the means or simply don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a night just for a place to sleep. If this sounds like you, you will benefit in learning some insider secrets on how to score hotel deals. Whether you are going to Geneva in Switzerland or Baltimore in the US, by following these tips and tricks you should not have any trouble finding the best hotel deals in Geneva or affordable hotels in Baltimore.

1. Book early.

Even if your trip is still several months away, look up hotel prices for your planned travel dates as soon as you can. It is not uncommon for hotels to publish their nightly rates three to six months in advance. So if you are thinking of spending a week in Geneva in the winter, you can start your search for the best hotel deals in Geneva in the summertime.

2. Check comparison websites.

These days, comparing hotel prices is much easier with the help of comparison websites. These websites allow you to simply type in your destination and your desired travel dates then provide you with a list of hotels in the area. Using the sort and filter features, you can easily view a list of the cheapest hotels in ascending order, most affordable hotels with breakfast included in their rates, low-cost hotels nearest to the train station or top attractions, or rooms within your budget that have en suite baths and other amenities that you are looking for.

3. Sign up for email alerts.

You can be among the first to know about the latest hotel promos and discounted rates if you sign up for email alerts. Comparison websites and many official hotelwebsites offer this service to those who want to take advantage of sweet deals and save money.

4. Go to the hotel’s official website.

If, for example, you are planning a trip to a big city like Baltimore, using comparison websites should help you narrow down your hotel options. Once you have your shortlist of affordable hotels in Baltimore,visit their official websites to check if there is any difference in the rates listed on the comparison websites. Sometimes a hotel may post special prices, room types, and packages on its own website,so if you only rely on comparison sites, you could miss out on these deals.

5. Contact the property directly.

Many people have had success getting good deals after personally calling the hotels. By talking to a manager or receptionist that works at the hotel you might be able to get a better rate, secure a freeroom upgrade, or enjoy some other extras.  Usually, this tactic works best if the call is made close to the check-in date and the hotel still has many vacant rooms. If your travel plans are flexible, it might also be worthwhile to see if you could get a cheaper rate by switching your dates.

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