6 awesome features of Allscripts EHR Software in 2021

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With a diverse range of features packed in a health recording system, deciding which ones will really help you achieve your practice goals is difficult. Most physicians are not fully certain about having taken aboard the appropriate software features and solutions. The only way you can sort this out is by taking into consideration your unique workflow patterns, practice goals, and problems. In this article, we intend to explore one of the most easy-to-use EHR systems – Allscripts EHR software. The article will also go about the features that users love the most. But before investing in this product, we recommend you opt for an Allscripts demo

Allscripts EHR – An overview

One of the top players in the EHR industry, Allscripts has emerged as a leader in precision medicine and population health solutions. This is an open-platform health recording solution that brings all data sources together and connects you with the health community. It aims to create an open and connected community by merging all information sources together into one place. There are sophisticated workflows and e-prescribing tools that help providers streamline day-to-day administrative tasks and let clinicians focus more on patient care rather than working about routine admin tasks. 

This health IT solution caters to the needs of healthcare setups of nearly every size and specialty, from solo physician clinics, ambulatory facilities to larger hospital systems with a number of departments. You can also schedule staff, manage appointments, handle billing and patient information. In addition to this, patient information like demographics, patient notes, and appointment history can also be accessed online. Allscripts helps you with administrative and clinical work as well as the other daily operations. It is offered on a per-user per month basis. 

6 Allscripts EHR features you should definitely check out

The Allscripts EHR platform comes with a number of features to help you optimize your workflow. We have put together this piece to enlighten you about the ones that are user-friendly and the most loved by users. Read through to learn about them.

  • e-Prescribing

The e-prescribing functionality by Allscripts allows you to make the prescription process easier than ever. It enables pharmacies to pull up medication history and get notifications for any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions that have the probability to occur depending on a patient’s current diagnosis or medication. The tool efficiently streamlines the diagnosis, prescription, and dispensation phase and can be personalized to suit a facility’s requirements.  

  • EHR

The EHR function of this software enables clinicians to document and chart a patient’s medical history as well as store the data for future use. It is designed for both specialty clinics and large healthcare setups, but the solutions vary based on whether you give inpatient or ambulatory treatment. 

  • Precision Medicine

The precision medicine tool is another useful aspect attributed to Allscripts. It allows clinicians to have a more personalized approach when it comes to prescribing medications. You can also share information simultaneously for pharmacogenomics and research. This feature is included in the basic Allscripts EHR pricing plan. 

  • Population Health

The software’s population health management solution, CareInMotion, offers data analytics, patient engagement, patient care coordination, and much more. It lets you study an overall group’s health and pay more attention to local health priorities specific to one’s medical practice. 

  • Mobile Solution

Users who watched the Allscripts EHR demo vouch for the fact that it offers a professional EHR mobile solution that lets physicians access important patient information and deliver care even outside the premises of their clinics. Most solutions by this platform are accessible from anywhere and enable users to stay productive regardless of their geographical location. Moreover, the software also comes with a Professional EHR Mobile so that users can access all healthcare-related information remotely. 

  • Voice Technology 

This healthcare IT platform offers scheduling convenience that goes beyond saving your staff’s time. vocal is an innovative scheduling voice assistant that utilizes natural voice processing technology. It supports effortless integration with the Allscripts Practice Management so that patients can change, confirm, or cancel their appointments over the phone. In addition, it results in better resource allocation and practice efficiency, patient engagement, reduced staff burnout, and business continuity. 

Overview of benefits: Allscripts EHR reviews

Based on top user reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this software solution:

  • The software efficiently automates daily time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It allows users to access payment information, patient demographics, and insurance details prior to a patient’s visit.
  • It offers robust tools to meet the needs of various healthcare facilities and specialties. There is an extensive range of add-on features to serve most medical practices.
  • Patients and providers can communicate effortlessly via real-time messaging to improve patient engagement. 
  • It collects important details, such as quality sharing, prior authorizations, and medical record sharing. 
  • Allscripts offers employee health management solutions so you can keep track of staff’s overall health and encourage a healthy living way for all members. 
  • Patients can also view their health plans and track their progress online using the software.

Who uses Allscripts?

Allscripts is a global company with over 180,000 providers across around 45,000 ambulatory medical facilities, 2,500 health setups, and 17,000 post-acute practices.

The vendor delivers EHR solutions based on the size of care settings:

  • Allscripts Professional is offered for small to medium-sized facilities.
  • Allscripts TouchWorks is for large, multi-specialty healthcare practices.
  • Allscripts Sunrise Acute Care is offered for hospitals and health systems.

Allscripts pricing details

The vendor does not share Allscripts EMR pricing details publicly. However, you can request the company to get a quote for your healthcare facility.

Why does your practice need Allscripts EMR?

Allscripts EMR has been a part of the industry for long enough to deliver excellent, user-centric healthcare IT solutions. It offers a suite of comprehensive features to help your healthcare practice meet its unique needs and requirements to boost practice efficiency. To find out more about this product, you can book an Allscripts demo on FindEMR.

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