6 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

6 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy
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Becoming pregnant is perhaps the best thing that can happen to any woman in her life. And although you may not feel like that now, the first sound of that little heart racing inside you will help change your mind. You may feel all bloated, heavy, and sick most of the time, thinking this whole idea of having a child seems like one big mistake.

But far from that, this one decision, of having a child, has the power to improve not just the quality of your life, but also to make you a much better person. But in no way is pregnancy a joy ride. No one knows this better than first-time mothers, who have not experienced any of it before, have to rely only on others’ experiences and pregnancy manuals flooding on the Internet. Especially if you had to go through a fertility treatment or artificial home insemination.

All this contradictory information can often confuse and disorient you rather than helping you through your pregnancy. So to make things a little easy for you, here are a few things that every pregnant woman needs to avoid, or at least be very careful about while carrying a baby.

#Never miss your routine checks

The first and foremost thing to do is always keep a date with your local doctor or gynecologist. All hospitals, maternity clinics, and even gynecologists dealing with pregnant ladies always keep track of your and the baby’s crucial vital statics.

For you, this means monitoring and recording your weight gain and blood pressure levels. For your baby, it means monitoring her heartbeat rate and her body circumference to ensure proper development.

Hence, these checks are designed to keep you and your doctor apprised of your baby’s development. So, missing them for whatever reason is simply not justified. The chances are that every time you leave the doctor’s office, you get to know something new about your condition and your baby. This is psychologically important, as it leaves you feeling more confident and closer to your baby.

#Avoid hogging

The best bit about being an expectant mother is all the pampering that you’re showered with. Don’t you just love it when people give in to all your cravings and let you indulge to the hilt? This makes you feel good in the first trimester, but by the end of the second one, binging and hogging shamelessly will leave you lazy and even feeling very sick.

So the best thing to do is indulge yourself, but don’t eat like the end of the world is here. Remember, with a baby inside you; your stomach does not have as much space as it used to. Hence, beyond a certain point, the more you eat, the more are your chances of puking it all out, simply because your stomach can’t digest it.

So the best thing to do is eat small meals every two-three hours. Have loads of fruits, grilled salads, and meats. Most importantly, drink as much water and fresh juices as is humanly possible, because these above all are the most useful for the baby’s development.

#Don’t suffer in silence

If, for whatever reason, you are feeling uncomfortable, physically or mentally, immediately tell your doctor, or at least your husband, or anyone close to you. Given your delicate situation, never ignore or hide a simple tummy ache, body pain, or even a headache. The body is a complicated machine that you never know when ache or discomfort signifies the impending labor.

If morning sickness is getting to you, leaving you drained and in daily pain, don’t bear it in silence, thinking it is your lot because there are many safe medicines especially formulated for pregnant women like yourself. So openly ask your doctor about any discomfort that you have and the treatment to make you better.

But a word of caution here, don’t simply pop pills, as not all medicines are safe for the delicate baby inside you. Instead, only ingest the medication your doctor recommends and stick to his prescribed dosage, as by overdosing on these medicines, you may be asking for trouble.

#Stay away from all bumpy rides

Almost all pregnant women dread traveling simply because of the discomfort it causes them. However, this need not be so always because if you wear travel-friendly maternity clothes, carry the right food, and ensure you have some company, the journey can be enjoyable. The thing here is that ideally, you should not be traveling at all, especially in your third trimester, as a bumpy ride or uncomfortable journey can trigger your contractions.

But if you have to travel, choose a means of transport that gives you enough leg space to move around. Always travel in comfortable pregnancy clothes and shoes. Keep a book or some music handy to distract yourself should you feel motion sickness coming on. Lastly, always carry something dry to nibble on while traveling.

#Don’t get embarrassed

The entire world’s population is born from women like you; hence trust me when I say that people around you, even strangers, are more than forgiving and tolerant towards women in your condition. It is common knowledge that pregnancy comes with a face full of pimples, dark skin, swollen feet, loads of gas, and sometimes even worse, loose bowel movements.

Hence, don’t be afraid of letting one loose now and then or even wearing adult diapers, especially while traveling. Everyone understands that your body is not totally under your control now. Even at home or while traveling, always ask for help to lift or lug things around, as you never know when this kind of physical exertion can break your sack. So never be embarrassed about asking for help, as and when you want it.

#Dress only for comfort

Now is the time to put your comfort above all else. Irrespective of the occasion, wear something that suits your condition. Generally, always wear loose clothes made of any breathable fabric like cotton, as this helps your body and skin breathe easily, thereby keeping your body temperature cool.

Wear ultra-soft and stretchable maternity nighties to sleep comfortably at night. Avoid heels at all costs, as just one sprain can put an end to your dream of becoming a mother. Invest in some good flat shoes with comfortable soles that can take you anywhere, including wet bathrooms.

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