7 Questions You Need to Ask From Translation Contractors

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Choosing a multilingual translation service contractor is one of the tedious jobs. No matter what kind of document you want to translate, it is imperative to ensure that you will get good results on investment. Thus, you should ask a few questions from the multilingual service contractors such as legal translation in Dubai before hiring one.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various important questions that you should ask from the translation service providers:

  1. Whether They Use Translation Memory and CAT tools?

The translation memory is a kind of tool that takes advantage of the previously translated content. This tool will help in reducing the time of translation and also help you to save money. In simple terms, the TM is a kind of database that is used to store the previously translated and approved content. The next tool that is used by the translation service providers is a computer-assisted translation (CAT). The CAT tool helps in making a contribution to the translations process. The CAT tool will make the translation process tools more efficient. Also, the CAT tools will help in building the translation memory. There is one important that your need to consider is that the CAT tool required human intervention. Thus, you should ask the translation service contractors what kind of tools they use. There are different tools used by the legal translation services contractors.

2. What Kind Of File Formats Do They Handle?

You should ask the translation service contractors that what kind of file formats they handle. Even if you do not know about the different file extensions, you should ask this question. You should make sure that they can process the file format that you are going to send them. Also, you should clearly describe file formats that you use in your company. It is very important to make sure that your translation contractors can handle the different formats, process different layouts, and encoded files.

3. Whether They Have Translated Content That is Similar To Yours?

Another important factor that you need to consider is subject-matter expertise. If you want to have high quality translated content, then make sure that the translation contractors have god knowledge and expertise in your kind of industries. Not all translators can understand the specific terms used in the content of your kind of industry. Therefore, before hiring any contractor, you should ask them whether they have translated any content before which is similar to your type of content. For example, if you want to translate the legal documents of your company, then you should consider hiring the legal translators like legal translation UAE. The legal documents are always incorporated with specific terms. The only experienced and knowledgeable translator can translate your content without changing the actual meaning of sentences.

4. Whether they can integrate their system with Your CMS?

The CMS is an abbreviation of the content management system (CMS) and it helps in managing various documents of your company. Before hiring any translation service provider, you should ensure that whether they can integrate their system with your CMS. This integration will help in streamlining the files exchange. You can easily send the file to the translating contractors and also easily receive the translated content. In the large translation project, the smooth file exchangeability will streamline the process and make it faster. For instance, some legal translators offer legal translation online. The file transmission occur by integrating CMS.

5. What Kind Of Technique Used to Centralized Translation Project?

You should determine what kind of technique is used by the translation service providers to centralize your projects so that all assigned translators can easily access your content that needs to be translated. Mostly, the reputable translation service providers use the translation memory and multilingual terminology to centralize your projects. It will allow the linguists who are working on your project to easily access data in real-time. If you want to have good legal translators, then search online “legal translation near me”.

6. Whether The Translators Are In-Country?

The translation companies who only pay attention to the terminology in technology and software for translation will keep changing all the time. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider hiring a translation service provider who has local employees. The locals are well aware of the current terms and help in making a good image among the customers of their country. Localization is important to make sure that the translated content will resonate with the people of targeted countries. The machine-translated content will not be efficient enough to make a good impact on the targeted customers in different countries. Therefore, you should ask your translation service providing firm whether their translators are in-country.

7. Whether They Use Quality Assurance Tools?

Some translation service providers do not have the internal expertise to determine the quality of translated content. But, if you want to have good quality translated content, then you should ask your translation contractor whether they use quality assurance tools or not.

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