7 Reasons Why Final Expense Insurance is Worth Considering

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How nice would it be if we could live forever to enjoy life and all it has to offer! Sadly, this is hardly the case. Every human on earth has an appointment with death, and there is no way around it. The best scientists have yet to figure out a way to live forever. We hope the brilliant minds are working on making man live forever. It is essential to prepare for death while we await their breakthrough.

Ensuring that your loved ones do not go through a difficult time trying to cover the funeral expense is a good call. This is where final expense insurance comes in. Final expense insurance presents an easy payout for relatives so that the burden of your funeral expense will not be heavy on them. 

Funeral expenses can be incredibly expensive, and trying to cover it in a limited amount of time could be near impossible. The grieving state of mind also makes it harder. With this insurance, you can reduce the financial burden and other stress associated with your transition.  

There are top insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha and others with impressive packages. With this, you will have a good idea of how your funeral will proceed, including the financial implications. 

Here are important reasons why getting final expense insurance is a terrific idea:

  1. It Reduces Average Funeral Costs

The average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $12,000. This cost is not surprising because things like a headstone, casket, embalming, grave digging, grave liner, funeral director payment, burial site, and other costs involved can quickly add up.  

Depending on the package you consider, final expense insurance can significantly reduce this cost. In some cases, as well, the value of the premium could rise, which you can cash out on, like other insurance.  

With part of the funeral cost out of the way, your family will have enough time to grieve and give you a befitting burial. 

  1. Ability to Decide Your Funeral Type and Home

Final expense insurance comes in many forms with different packages. Depending on the package you chose, you can make the choice of your funeral home and type. This includes deciding the location of the funeral alongside where they want their body to be laid.

This allows you to express yourself if you prefer a particular location without being a burden on your loved ones.

  1. Final Expense Insurance is Affordable

Premium payments are affordable, provided the funds go to what they are intended for. On average, state farm life insurance for seniors could cost a few hundred dollars every month for your final expense insurance. However, this is a factor of the package you want as the costs could climb up quickly, depending on the benefits. With final benefit insurance, you can also name beneficiaries.

The main idea behind the final expense insurance is to service your funeral expenses. For seniors, well advanced in age that want impressive packages, the policy could cost hundreds of dollars each month.

  1. Application is Easy

The class of people that can apply for final expense insurance is pretty significant. It does not come with stringent qualification requirements as well. Many people that cannot afford life insurance coverage are the perfect candidate.

As long as there is no critical medical issue, the probability of acceptance for final expense insurance coverage is high. The target group for this insurance coverage are seniors, people over 50 years, and low-income earners.

As a result, it does not have a strict application process. You will not need any medical examination. There is also the possibility of applying over the phone. All you need to do is present some information like your medical history. With these and other simple details, approval can be immediate or in a couple of hours.

  1. You get a Funeral that Represents You.

Some people want their funeral to go in a specific way that appeals to them. They want a specific type of casket and prefer a particular cemetery location. It might be difficult for the grieving family to achieve this. Besides, their emotional state and the financial implication might make this hard as well.

With final expense insurance, you are confident that your funeral will stand for who you are and what you want. There is the opportunity to plan out your funeral, discuss your views and ideas with a trusted individual.

Your loved ones have always known you wanted such a funeral service. After all, the funeral service, home, and every part of the process is a factor of what you stand for.


  1. Grieving will be Easier for Your Loved Ones.

The exit of a family member or loved one comes with severe pain. To the loved ones, burial and funeral service is the final opportunity to express their love for the deceased. This places the burden of finances and planning on family members, leaving them to spend way more than they bargained for at times. Even if they manage to give a befitting farewell service, the blow of the expense could be devastating.

The timing is also a critical factor. Your loved ones have limited time to raise funds and plan for your burial. This process is hard in the presence of emotional turmoil. This responsibility translates to more stress for the bereaved family.

You can, however, make sure that they never have to go through this stress. Making adequate preparation via final expense insurance removes all these burdens. Your transition and everything that comes with it will be smooth on your loved ones.

  1. You get Peace of Mind.

The simple idea of knowing that your loved ones will not bend over backward to give you a befitting burial is enough reason to provide you with peace of mind. Without a doubt, funerals are costly. In addition to that, your loved ones have a pretty limited time to gather the required funds. 

There is also a huge probability that they do not have such a large amount of money lying around. Besides, you wouldn’t want them to direct their hard-earned money and savings on your funeral expenses. With affordable monthly payment, you can get decent coverage for your funeral.

Final Thoughts

It is no longer news that planning and executing a funeral service is not an easy task. You need a lot of funds, planning, and patience to execute a good one. Planning such after the passage of a loved one comes with tremendous complications. It will be stressful for everyone, and the surge of emotions could cloud their thinking.

With final expense insurance, you can take care of all the essentials while you are alive. With this, your loved ones will not have to shoulder the burden of planning and sponsoring your funeral expenses. The advantages are tremendous, and your loved ones will thank you for it.

Yes, we understand that talking about your funeral while you are still alive seems morbid. However, consider it a final gift to your loved ones to help them give you a befitting rest.

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