A Complete Analysis On Developing An On-demand Home Services App Like Urbancompany

A Complete Analysis On Developing An On-demand Home Services App Like Urbancompany
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Amidst a busy routine, scheduling things is a big art. However and whatever the art is, you need an artist who can give life to the art. In the same way, if aligning the home services is an art, then apps like Urban company and Grab are the greatest artists. 

These home services apps changed the way we approach things. Finding professionals for different home services is not an easy task. But apps like Urban company have completely altered our perspective and help us find professionals to get our work done. 

How Urbancompany emerged as a household name?

Finding professionals to clear up our household chores is a big deal. Even if they could find people, sometimes their date and schedule will not match with them. Technology always gives you modern solutions for all your needs. With just a few clicks, they can find professionals for any kind of service.

With an app like Urban company in hand, people are never too late for your parlour appointments. They can just browse through the app and find make-up artists and hairdressers from their nearby locations. Without stepping outside, they will get all their beauty stuff done at their home itself. 

The app is a pioneer that offers a wide range of home services ranging from finding architects, housemaids, babysitters, pest controls, home cooks, etc. The Urban company was founded in 2014 and had its headquarters in Gurugram, India. By the end of 2019, the app generated around $17 million. 

Working model of Urbanclap app

When it comes to the working model of Urbanclap, the app works on two edges. One is the customer edge, and the other one is for the service providers. Let us briefly discuss how it works,

For customer end 

  • The users can download the app for finding professionals for their household activities. 
  • Upon downloading, they can go through the app and find their services. Once they click on the services, they will get a pop-up.
  • The users can analyze the services and check if they are up to their budgets. 
  • They can select a package and schedule their services by mentioning the date and time.
  • Before selecting a service, the users can go through the service provider’s profile. 
  • The users can make their payments and proceed out.

For service provider end

  • The service provider can register in the app by providing his experience and service area expertise. 
  • After registering with the app, they will receive notifications regarding the service request from users. 
  • The service providers can either select or reject their requests according to their wishes.
  • If the order is accepted, both the customers and service providers will receive notifications. 
  • The service providers have the right to cancel the order bookings from customers during emergencies. However, they have to pay cancellation charges to the app.  

What are the important home services to include in your Urban company clone app?

  • Home services 

Home services is a broad term that encompasses all on-demand services. All the services listed in the app are basic service needs of a household. Generally, in a household, there will be a lot of things to maintain. For example, cars and air conditioners need periodic maintenance for the long run. 

So, your Urbancompany clone should house all the necessary on-demand services. Some of the important services to include in the app are home cleaning, gardener, painting, carpenter, lawn mowing, furniture lifting professionals, etc., 

  • Wellness and beauty services 

In the growing edge of technology, visiting beauty parlours and spa centres have decreased. Because people book their slots with beauticians via different apps. So, this is one of the important services to consider for your app. Moreover, you can provide a list of services like massage services, spa services, fitness and haircut services. 

  • Home decor services 

This is one of the services that is most sought after by people. Because moving and assembling things are quite challenging for people. So, consider offering services like TV mounting, furniture assembly, carpet cleaning packaging and moving services. 

Things to consider when developing a Urbancompany clone app

  • Understand the market and analyze its potentials.
  • Know your competitors and their products. 
  • Identify the gaps in your competitors’ products. Out of it develop a strategy to overcome them through your app. 
  • Select the niche for your app. Try to stand unique from the other market players. 
  • Choose a business model for your app. 
  • Work on your monetization model. 
  • Figure out the important features of your app. 
  • Hire developers to develop your app.

What is the budget for developing an Urban company clone app?

Developing an app involves its own complexities and challenges. However, the cost of developing an app like Urban company depends on several factors. Some of the factors are features, functionalities, app platform, UX/UI design, the technology used, customization level and app size. 

In addition, if you opt for additional technical support like API integration, bug fixing, and testing will cost you additional cost for the app development. 

Wrapping up,

On-demand home services apps have gained more prominence in recent years. People find these apps life saviours as they can find professionals for their home services without any hassles. You can approach the best developers who can craft you a robust Urban company clone app. 

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