A Complete Overview of Circuit Classes for Fitness Lovers

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Circuit training becomes famous due to the frequent use of this term by fitness professionals and magazines. If you ever search about Circuit Classes, you won’t find all classes the same. There can be a difference in the usage of equipment. Some classes are of intense level. Some are of low impact specially designed for beginners. The broad range of classes offered in the gym market themselves as circuit training. Due to versatility, you might think that what circuit training is? Why should you choose circuit training for achieving your fitness goal?


Each exercise is performed in Circuits Classes one after another with little or without any rest. Most often each circuit contains 8-10 exercises. The minimum and maximum repetitions for each exercise are 8-20. You can make it easier for you by timing it for 30-60 secs. The rest allowed for circuit training is slightly longer than 1 minute. At least repeat the circuit for 1-3 times or at least complete your allotted time for a workout.

Examples of exercise in circuit training:

  • Dumbbell squat.
  • Bent over dumbbell row.
  • Alternating lateral lunges.
  • Biceps curled to overhead press.
  • Romanian deadlift.
  • Ball crunch.
  • Ball back extension.

The purpose of circuit training is to increase your heart beat while exercising. You can also incorporate some cardio exercises into it to improve its effectiveness. By incorporation of the cardio part the exercise will be like:

  • Chest press.
  • Dumbbell squat.
  • Jump squats.
  • Standing table rows.
  • Mountain climber.
  • Ball crunch.
  • Ball back extension.

The circuit training classes are the best start to your fitness career. It’s easy to adopt the exercise which is suitable for you. you can also choose from the equipment you have.

Reason of Circuit Training Design?

The reason for the popularity of this training is that it is a full workout in less time. Because it takes a shorter span of rest so, it can be completed in less time.

Why Circuit Training Is a Part of Fitness Magazines?

Usually, clients love Circuits Classes because they feel like time flies by. They are considered as best to combat exertional disorders. There are some other benefits of circuits training too which makes it a part of the magazine.

·        Train Each Muscle:

Even though this training has low to no rest, but it trains muscles without overloading them. If you start with chest and triceps, you have an option of seven other exercises too. Let your chest and triceps rest while other muscles work for the next set.

·        Perfect For All Levels of Fitness Lovers:

They can be made challenging or less challenging simply by just modifying the exercises and rest time. The alteration of the lower body and upper body exercise in the circuit is suitable for beginners Circuit Classes. They can even utilize an extra rest of 15-30 seconds. To increase the level of challenge intermediate to advanced level involves a different set of exercises. It involves upper body exercises in a row and then lower body exercises in a row.

There is no limitation in getting the circuit creative. Just don’t adopt changes in a rapid way. Try to make slow changes so that your body get used to it. Putting pressure on your muscles is not the purpose of circuit training.


In our busy lives, we need something more effective and less time-consuming. Circuit training is fulfilling all the required conditions. In less time it has the potential to produce an extra ordinary result. Meridian Fitness has a facility of circuit training for busy fitness lovers. Those who always look for healthy and time-saving alternatives for fulfilling their dream.









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