A Guide to Select TFT Display for Digital Signage and Catalog Display

A Guide to Select TFT Display for Digital Signage and Catalog Display
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When it comes to the LCD (liquid crystal display) formats, TFT (thin-film transistors) displays are common. It is increasing popularity resulted in its extensive use, be it televisions, billboards, tablets, and smartphones. For displays, it is the dynamic format. And, a popular method for advertisement.

Working of TFT Displays

Thin films of the semiconductive layer are connected with the dielectric layer (function as an insulator) for making TFT. Later, the films are placed on the supporting with metallic contacts. It is important to note that up to four transistors control each LCD pixels that aid in switching every on and off. Mostly, the TFT layer is embedded in the screen, lessening the pixel crosstalk.

With every pixel given a charge, the charge is kept even when the screen is refreshed. As the state of the singular pixel is maintained actively even with the use of other pixels, the TFT displays are called active-matrix displays. And, you get the best image resolutions from the TFT module that is expensive; however quite affordable in comparison to other competing technology (OLED).

Aspects That Make TFT Display Special

The key selling point of TFT display is the flexibility for display purposes. The other key aspects are given below

  • Superior picture quality because of anti-glare and anti-reflective films
  • Capacitive touch panel technology
  • No distortion of images with a low power display
  • Maintaining the source aspect of the image at the hardware level
  • A half-life that is long in comparison to the competitor technology (OLED)
  • Best sharpness and color display
  • Resistive touch panel that is an affordable choice on TFT devices

Apart from these, lesser energy consumption is one of the major aspects that make the use of TFT display appealing as well as attractive to prospective customers.

Uses of TFT Displays

Having the TFT display for the catalog display could help in the shopping experience of the users. It could do this in the following ways

Helps Customers Pick Their Choice

In comparison to static posters displaying a particular product in the store, having a TFT display touchscreen would enable the customers to look for the products they like at their disposal. Due to the increasing popularity of online shopping sites, customers prefer the searching method of locating the product. Including such technology in the store would benefit the business greatly because it would appeal to the preferences of the customers for interactivity.

Helps Customers Pick Out the Products Quickly

Unlikely a few years back, the customers hardly take time in the store. In most cases, they have already decided on the product they wish to purchase. With interactive TFT displays, they could choose the product, inform the respective seller, and get that product in few minutes.

Now when you are aware of the advantages of TFT display as the digital signage technology, it is advised to consider the use of this technology for the advertising business. All you need is the best company for supplying you with the right low-power display like MLCD display equipment for your advertising business. While finalizing the company, ensure you check the company’s reputation as well as reviews. Do not forget to consider the customization aspect.


What is a TFT display?

TFT Display means thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display. It is a modification of a liquid-crystal display that uses thin-film-transistor technology to enhance image qualities such as addressability and contrast.

Is a TFT display good?

Yes, it is because TFT refreshes more quickly response than a monochrome LCD display and shows motion more smoothly.

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