Advent Of Poker In India

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Poker is taking off in India. Card games that were restricted to the confines of home games or played during lazy afternoons in kitty parties are no longer a small affair. People want their poker times to be fun and want to splurge lavishly on poker products. With the expansion of companies offering exclusive online poker products, there has been a massive boom in poker’s popularity, and hordes of players have taken up the game professionally.

Before starting your poker journey, you should be aware of the significant aspects of poker. Chips and plaques are an important part of poker.

  • Chips:

Chips have a monetary value as well as a tournament chip value. Players use a chip to bet during a game or a tournament to accumulate as much chip as possible. The number of chips a player gets depends on the type of game they are playing. Poker chips are of the following types:

  • Plastic chips are the cheapest and well-suited for home poker games.
  • Composite clay chips are extremely popular but also quite expensive. They are perfect for a poker night with friends.
  • Composite chips have a strong feel which makes them easy to slide across a poker felt.
  • Ceramic chips are higher and smoother to touch. These can be customised to your liking.
  • Metal chips are rare and make a unique setting for a home game. They are also highly durable.
  • Plaques:

For the highest values in poker tournaments and casinos, plaques are used instead of chips in the casino. Plaques, of course, are bigger and more prominent than standard poker chips. They add an extra dimension to your game. A certain amount of respectability.

Plaques are used in nearly every casino, even though you do not see them too much. In the most opulent casinos around the world, poker plaques and Jetons have long been used. In most James Bond films, 007 is seen playing a high-limit game with a stack of poker plaques in front of him in Monte Carlo. Even if your home game is in a basement, plaques will add opulence to your poker room.

There are a few manufacturers or suppliers in India of poker plaques. Products from these suppliers are also available on Amazon India and Flipkart. The few websites where you can buy poker plaques are:

  • Casinoite India
  • One Eyed Jack
  • Poker Stuff
  • Poker Club
  • CasinoKart

You can find all poker accessories and items on these websites to start your poker journey with your friends and have a blast with them!

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