Advertise Your Business in a Good Old Way

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With the speed at which technology is advancing, it’s no surprise that plenty of old techs is now considered outdated and ineffective. After all, new is always better, right? Well, that might not be the case in some lines of work.

Marketing companies tend to gravitate towards new methods of advertising, but they never stray too far from the old ways. The logic is pretty sound: if it works—it works! If your company is in need of some good old-fashioned marketing, you’ll be in for a treat. We’ll cover a few advertising methods that are still quite effective at promoting brands. Here’s where you should start.

Printed ads

While newspapers might seem like they’re outdated, you’d be surprised at how many people still buy them every single day. Whether it’s regular, everyday press or specialized magazines, readers are still interested in what’s featured on printed pages. As a result, printed ads are still going strong in modern marketing, and they might even be more effective than they were before.

People don’t trust online ads nearly as much as they trust printed ones. Ads in the paper often belong to local businesses, which means prospective customers can find more reliable reviews of their products and services. This makes them more trustworthy, and readers are more likely to take them seriously as purchase options.

The great thing about magazines is that they tend to tailor to specific audiences. You can find one that has an overlap with your target demographics and make your ads much more effective. Another great idea would be to offer a partnership to printed media companies so that you can share each other’s ads for a lower price.

Flyers and brochures

There’s nothing more old-fashioned than handing out flyers and brochures that advertise your business and its products. While taking walks around your city, you’ve probably noticed that it’s still a pretty widespread marketing method. That’s because it still gets people insider stores and on websites.

One of the many reasons companies still utilize this method is the fact that it’s cheap, attractive, and it gets good local results. All you need to do to get it going is create a design, print it, and hand it out at local stores and busy streets. Afterward, anyone that’s interested will contact you directly or come to your brick-and-mortar store. It really is that simple, which is why you should consider using flyers and brochures for your business.

Billboards and banners

To grab people’s attention on the street, you need something big that stands out. Two of the best ways to display visual ads outside include billboards and banners. They give your ads significant visual impact, and they’re easy to set up.

What makes these display options so effective is the fact that they can reach thousands in a short time span. On any given busy street, you’ll have crowds of people coming and going constantly, and all of them will take note of a billboard. Even if there’s no billboard spot available in an area, you can always hang attractive fence banners wherever there’s room. They can cover even more ground than billboards, sometimes even taking up the entire corner fence of a construction site. With the right ad, you can reach plenty of prospective customers in just one day.

Direct mail

While movies tend to show people scoffing and throwing out stacks of junk mail when they receive it, the state of direct mail advertising has changed quite a bit. It’s become more personalized and enticing than ever before, which is why many businesses have started using it again. Brand recall for direct mail is now higher than for email, making it an attractive prospect.

There are numerous ways to approach direct mail advertising. You need a good design that will entice the receiving party, while also offering something that will get them to the store. Some businesses use coupons to start, while others offer catalogs that can give customers insight into prices. There’s nothing that can limit your creativity in this area, so try to get creative with your designs.


Traditional advertising methods are still the crème of the crop when it comes to marketing. While the internet is still an unprecedented platform for ads, it should never be the only one that marketers use. As is the case in most lines of work, diversification promotes much higher sales and conversion numbers.

Whether you’re thinking about using flyers, banners, or mail, it’s crucial that you think of a good marketing strategy. Everything from the design to the messaging has to appeal to your target demographics to be effective. Otherwise, it’s only going to fly under their radar. But with a good look and some clever design decisions, you can get much further using old-fashioned methods than you might think.

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