Affirmation Process: Do I Need Surgery?

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Are you planning to get an affirmation process? Do I need surgery?

For every transgender, the affirmation process varies a lot. Understand that it’s zi or zer choice on what they want to be called and which surgical approach they want to get. Just imagine that you want to get the Hymenoplasty in Vizag during the transgender phase but someone doesn’t want to get it done, then it’s perfectly fine. It’s right to say that the journey is individualized and depending on what seems comfortable to you you can choose to go on that path. Indeed! To make yourself informed and get clarity over everything you need to get medical assistance from the doctor.

Affirmation Process: Do I Need Surgery?

In case a transgender doesn’t want to choose the path of surgical options then it is up to them. For such cases, the non-surgical options are given preference so that those who want to enjoy the journey of female to male or male to female can do that.

 Options to make your transgender journey phase easy

  • Hormone treatment

Hormone therapy is suggested to help you get that masculine look or have the feminine features which you always wanted. When you seek assistance from the medical expert to begin your Transgender Surgery in Visakhapatnam, you will be made a part of the pre-surgical plan.

The necessary medications suggested to you will work on closely to enhance the sexual features like body fat distribution, enlarged breasts, and much more. Through these gender identity is better noticed.


What are the options for transgender women or non-binary individuals?

Zi or Zer (the right way to call the transgender) & the transgender women are given the hormones like:

  • Estrogens
  • Antiandrogens


What are the options for transgender male or non-binary individuals?

In the case of a transgender male, the necessary hormones which are given are:

  • Testosterone
  • Androgens


Depending on what is your preference and by consulting the doctor you should in detail about the side-effects & which option will fulfill your requirement to what you need.


Part of the dermatology

With the gender affirmation process, you can choose the path of permanent hair removal or choose the option to boost the aesthetic look. Additionally, this is the way to prepare yourself for the surgery. In such a case, the most suggested options are laser hair removal and electrolysis.


Voice therapy

Another major concern of transgender is to change their voice so that they have the identity which they are looking for. Changing the voice will help them to feel closer to the gender identity they want. When you visit the doctor for the initial consultation, everything is properly checked, and accordingly, the right approach is given to you. When you consult the voice therapist different concerns are addressed and some of them are:

  • Habitual speaking pitch
  • Rate of speech
  • Volume or intensity
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Resonance (shaping the sound to produce a vocal quality)
  • Inflection/prosody (the melodic ups and downs of the voice)
  • Articulation (how speech sounds are produced)
  • Pragmatics (social rules of communication)


To conclude

The journey is yours and it is your own choice what you would like to choose upon. If you are looking to go on this path then VJ’s Transgender Clinic is where you will get all the best possible options to make your transgender journey easy for you.

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