Another water Genasi Named Pintando

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i am going to paint the one of the Water Genasi names from WizKids This is the paint that i used You can find them at a hobbyist store And if you live in Mexico, you can order them from “El Reino de los Juegos”, which is where i buy my materials You can ask me in the comments any opinion or doubts you may have and i’ll try to answer as soon as possible The idea is not to make a “Genasi”, but a Prince from the Aquatic World that is half human.

I want this character to look more human than anything else But in order to maintain his aquatic side, i’ll add a few scales on his body And i’ll also try to leave a blueish hint on his skin Let’s begin!

I began painting the skin and eyes Because i believe it to be the most important part If we paint by layers, we start with whatever is at bottom, which would be the skin With the skin, i begin with the darkest tone and i’ll keep adding layers of paint Each time a lighter tone, highlighting the small details and the areas that would shine.

The most Some of those areas would be the muscles at his back, his arms, his little fingers The tip of the nose and the ears For the blueish hint of the skin i added a “blue wash” And afterwards, i removed it with a DRY brush so that the wash would remain as a shadow I used a “King Blue” colour for the hair Quite radiant, beautiful colour Very aquatic.

And then i added highlights with light blue tones Just like with the skin I like to pay attention to detail when i paint the clothes For example: the folds in the clothes I like to highlight them Make them shine with the light And i like to use contrasting colours

That makes it so, that when you look at the “mini” (given that it is so small), you can perceive all the details Regarding the small details, i believe it is always important to make them pop Show them off the best you can So that they dont get lost once the “mini” is finished For the shells.

I got inspired by a picture of a real one And i really liked how it turned out You must be careful when adding details, so that they look detailed… And not as splodges To finish up, i use a “brown wash” which gives the light clothes and the shells a much more realistic touch And i used three different tones of blue for the scales A very light one, a “king blue”, and a metallic blue that shines light on it.

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