Keep These Tips and Tricks in Mind to Make Great Customized Apparel Boxes

custom apparel boxes
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It has been found that, when in retail industry your packaging matters a lot and have a huge impact on your sales. Now when we think about boosting our brand sales, we often go for adult customers, whereas kids market is just as significant as the adults, and it is an even bigger market as kids have more needs and require more apparel products than adults. Which is why, brand snow focus just as much on attracting kids towards their luxury apparel products, and for that they have now started using customized apparel boxes, the reason behind using customized boxes is not only their durability, but also their ability to attract more customers towards them as they are made with catchy graphics and in distinct shapes to suit the brands’ needs.

In today’s market, there are a lot of different types of customized packaging boxes available, since all of them are different, therefore, they are able to lure in kids and get more customers attracted towards your brand, to boost sales. These premium wholesale boxes are preferred as they have proved to be a game changer in the world of retail and product packaging. the unique designs, distinct charms and catchy graphics work as magic to lure in more customers, and especially kids.

All of the above mentioned factors, play their individual role in making the packaging boxes more desirable and luxury, and that too at wholesale rates and quantities. This is the very reason why brands have incorporated customized wholesale packaging in their marketing strategy.

What you Should Know About Wholesale Apparel Packaging?

Customized apparel packaging boxes are mostly made from the following materials:

  • Kraft
  • Corrugated
  • Cardboard

These materials are more commonly known as rigid and durable papers, as they offer the best level of durability and protection to the delicate apparel products. Moreover, different types of graphic patterns are printed on them to give them their staple attractive appearance. Once a box has been made, it becomes exclusive to that brand, as it is not easy to copy a design.

Due to this there are several famous brands that have started using custom apparel boxes, to make their products and brand more significant in the market. This type of wholesale unique packaging helps to add more value to the luxury apparel products and makes sure that your brand stays different from the rest of the market.

Benefits of Using Wholesale Customized Apparel Packaging Boxes

When a brand thinks of doing something different form the market, something that is unique and distinct, which will result in boosting their sales and making that brand more popular, they do complete research on it first, and analyze what benefits will that investment bring to their brand.

One such investment is customized apparel packaging as they have a premium look to them, and are fun enough to grab the attention of children and customers of all age groups. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of apparel products you need them for, they have a similar impact and work the same for all types of products.

How to Make Great Apparel Packaging Boxes?

Following are some of the techniques that you must keep in mind, in order to make the best and the most effective customized wholesale boxes:

Use of Unique and Eye-catching Designs

The most difficult part of designing a great packaging box is not how to make a safe packaging design, but, it is to make a design, print or a pattern that can attract more customers towards it, and when we talk about grabbing the attention of kids, so we need to specifically distinct with our design. Because, it is not easy to get the kids hooked to something, it has to be truly unique and different, something that fascinates them, and excites them.

So, we can say that. Following are the two major concerns, when making a customized box:

  • Making packaging that is secure.
  • Packaging that can grab the attention of kids

To tackle both of these problems, brands have now started using wholesale apparel packaging boxes, as they can:

  • Attract more customers with unique design and catchy visuals.
  • Protect the packaged products and keep them safe, as they are made from durable materials.

Use of Customized and Exciting Marketing and Branding

Although unique designs are important and they serve their purpose, however these special wholesale boxes also have a lot of vacant space which brands can utilized to print their customized content for marketing and branding purposes. As customers now tend to read what goes into making their luxury products, therefore, it is necessary to provide them with the desired information.

However, it is crucial that you come up with fun and creative branding and exciting marketing labels that can build up the interest of kids and customers of all ages, for example:

  • You can use cartoons and other animations to make these boxes interesting.
  • Or you can get celebrity and other famous people’s pictures printed on them, which can make them interesting for kids.

Use of Add-ons to Have a Unique Look

If you want to make it a little extra, so you can also use customized decorations, such as add-ons to make these wholesale luxury packaging boxes even more beneficial. These add-ons could be:

  • Ribbons
  • Hand written notes
  • Wooden frames
  • Hot stamps
  • Glass windows

These additional features, help to make the packaging more interesting, and interest is all that we need to build up, and these additions can help us to achieve our goal

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