7 Signs You Could Benefit From Dental Implants

7 Signs You Could Benefit From Dental Implants
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When you no longer have the beautiful toothy grin you want, what can you do?

The good news is that there are options to restore your smile to its former glory. Getting dental implants is the most comprehensive way to do so. Whether or not that’s the right step for you will depend on your situation.

What are dental implants? They are metal posts that replace the roots of missing teeth. The implant dentist will surgically anchor the metal posts into your jawbone and then attach replacement teeth to the posts.

While it’s a good idea for people to visit a dentist twice a year for cleanings and oral exams, many don’t heed this advice. This can lead to oral health problems that may require you to consider options such as dental implants.

Do you want to find out if you’d be a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Keep reading to learn about 7 signs you could benefit from this procedure.

1. You’ve Lost Teeth

Are you missing any teeth? Whether you have one missing tooth or numerous missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants.

This type of surgery is the most effective way to replace missing teeth. You’ll want to do some research to find the top rated dental implant dentists. This will ensure you get a real professional to do the dental work.

2. You Have an Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth that is causing you severe discomfort, you’ll want to get it removed ASAP. But what do you do if you still want all of your pearly whites? One option is to get a dental implant after the tooth removal.

There’s isn’t much that can be done to save a tooth that has degraded due to decay. Your dentist will let you know if your tooth might be salvageable with root canal therapy. Removal might be best for optimal oral health.

3. Your Tooth Is Chipped

You don’t have to replace a tooth just because it’s chipped. Even so, if you’re self-conscious about your smile and want to make it picture-perfect, you might want to consider getting a dental implant.

You can consult with a dental care professional to see if that’s the right option for you.

4. You’re Tired of Dealing With Loose Dentures

If you have dentures but are tired of how unstable they can be, you might want to explore a more permanent solution. Dentures can be secured with dental implants so that they’re not left to dance around the inside of your mouth.

5. Your Teeth Aren’t Working as They Should

Are you missing some teeth? Your mouth might not function the way it should if you do. A condition known as temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, can throw off the proper functionality of your teeth. Dental implants can help fix the problem.

6. You’ve Had Bone Loss

Some people who lose teeth eventually experience bone loss. One of the problems with this is that it will only continue to deteriorate over time. Getting dental implants can keep the problem from getting any worse.

7. You’re Having Trouble Eating

Are you having difficulty eating? It’s no fun struggling to eat your favorite foods. Rather than continue to struggle with chewing, you should explore getting dental work such as dental implants.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

It’s important to make good oral hygiene a priority. This means making appointments to see your dentist for routine care.

You might require dental implants at some point regardless. So, it’s a good idea to know when you might be a good candidate for this procedure.

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