Benefits of Honeycomb & Cellular Blinds

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Choosing window coverings can be difficult with so many choices available. However, many people overlook an option that comes with many unexpected benefits: blinds. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds as they are often called, are a perfect example of a Custom window covering worth looking into. They are a highly versatile, functional window treatment, with a contemporary style that fits in with any design scheme.

Their unique honeycomb cells provide energy efficiency by preventing air from entering or escaping via windows. Here we look at the many benefits of honeycomb and cellular blinds to help decide if they are right for your Calgary home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Cellular shades are contemporary, yet have a timeless appeal that won’t date them any time soon. This is because they don’t have harsh lines associated with modern design. Instead, they offer a softer look, that is quite sleek, but not too “edgy”. They offer a certain warmth to your windows and come in a wide assortment of style choices, so you don’t have to sacrifice your décor scheme. You really can use them in any home, from farmhouses to historical homes and from mid-century designs to new builds.


Cellular shades consist of rows of “honeycomb-shaped” cells. Hence their name. This unique design creates air pockets that act as seriously effective insulators. As a result, they help you maintain the ideal temperature for your home whether it is toasty warm in the winter, or cool and breezy in the summer. You can prevent hot and cool air from leaking through your windows, while also preventing it from entering from outside. As a bonus, when you invest in your cellular blinds, you’ll see savings on your energy bills to balance out the cost.

Improved Light Filtration

If you find the rooms in your home present sunlight challenges, cellular blinds can help. If the natural light is either heating up your rooms or causing glare issues, you can control the level of light filtration to suit your needs. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural light, without the discomfort of direct sunlight. For example, the top-down/bottom-up design option allows you to block harsh sunlight, but filter in daylight.

Condo Friendly

If you own a condo where the bylaws require white window treatments, you can choose white outward-facing backings for your cellular blinds. This allows you to choose the color of blind you wish for your interior while meeting the demands of your condo association.

Privacy Control

Top-down/bottom-up cellular shades not only help with filtering light, but they also help with filtering what neighbors and passersby see through your windows. You can keep the top down for light while keeping the exposure to your home minimized.

Cordless Operation

Cordless operating options make cellular shades child and pet-friendly. It also makes it easier to adjust the blinds as you simply lift or push them down (for top-down/bottom-up) to get them where you want them. This easy operation also means you can keep them completely open and barely notice they are there.

As you can see if you want to buy blinds Calgary homeowners love, honeycomb blinds provide energy efficiency, filter light, and manage privacy with easy operation and design appeal.

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