Best Indian Wedding Blog 2021

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Weddings are not only about one day’s celebration but it’s more than that. Weddings require a lot of preparation and arrangements that should be a proper plan for a perfect wedding. In the planning process, you can’t make the decisions from within yourself, therefore you have to take the help of others and nowadays google is your best friend. In this matter, there are many wedding blogs which show multiple ideas for weddings ranging from trending bridal packages to wedding decoration. 

What you need is some inspiration and you are blessed with a lot of wedding blogs to get sorts of inspiration. In fact, you might have seen there are too many blogs out there to choose from. We have covered you! Therefore, we have rounded up all the best helpful wedding blogs that you read out in 2021. Read on to discover!

1. Marry Me’s- The Indian wedding blog

This is a floral design, wedding planners company as well as bloggers. They are well known for their wedding plans. Their wedding blog is a treasure for wedding planning, they have included every small to big thing necessary in planning a wedding. They have articles that teach different kinds of decoration you can do for your wedding transport. They have also listed the articles on the top 10 list. They have covered everything in their blog.

2. The Maharani diaries

If you’re an Indian and stay abroad as well as planning a wedding there, definitely check out this blog. This blog is a complete guide on how to find transitional and Indian decoration, preparation and arrangements materials in Australia. This blog will help you a lot and features cake decorators and vendors for wedding planning. They will help with organizing big Indian fat weddings abroad.

3. Indian wedding site

This is the most well-curated blog out there for Indian wedding planning. They have nicely organized all the content and separated them in four sections: fashion, idea, planning and weddings. This way you will find each and every content easily just by going to the right section. You will find the details itself, it is so vast. They cover each and every aspect of the wedding be it decoration, wedding, vendors or anything.

4. Weddingplz

Wedding plz is one of the Indian wedding blogs that focuses on a few niche topics. When you browse through the blog, you will see cherry-picker bridal fashion blogs with a mix of wedding and relationship stories. They have a really nice mix of content here. If someone is looking for a wedding blog with fashion centric and couple stories then this place is good to go.

5. Wedding magazine

This is the entire wedding blog that includes every aspect of the wedding ceremony. Ranging from how to plan a dream wedding to how to hire vendors, there is everything! They have a Ritual section as well in which they have told everything about the ritual preparation and commitment. You must check this blog! Indian tradition has a huge space for rituals therefore this blog can be the right choice for you to check out. They have also included about how celebrities did their wedding preparation so that you will get some idea. 

6. Frugal2fab

Looking for the right fashion inspiration for your wedding? Head to this blog, this has everything about how to choose a dress, how to find the perfect dress and everything related to wedding shopping in India. Ranging from the brands to the location with price range. How cool is that! They have a separate section of gossip related to celebrities weddings. For Delhiites, this blog is a goldmine as they have focused blogs on the Chandni chowk and Hauz khas area.

7. Maharani weddings

As the name says it is the one of the luxurious blogs to help in wedding preparation like a queen. personalized and helpful blogs with real stories of couples along with beautiful shooted pictures in wedding locations. You will definitely hire a photographer from this wedding by looking at luxurious pictures. If you are NRI and marrying in foreign, check this blog. They have some focused guides with beautiful wedding pictures that will speed up.

8. Peaches and blush

Their bridal section of the blog is goldmine that wouldn’t disappoint you. They have listed some unique fashion content for brides. Although, bridal fashion is a common topic to work on, therefore peaches and blushes curated some good content to get inspiration for bridal fashion that is always filled with new and exciting content. They have some great tips articles by the celebrity makeup artist in the fashion and makeup section. Overall, this blog is a place to hunt for bridal fashion, makeup, skincare, preparation and everything related to it.

Bottom line

These are the best Indian wedding blogs of 2021. Hope you found this helpful. Every blog has its own specification and uniqueness therefore you need to read them according to your need and wedding preparation. However, wedding blogs help a little in preparation when you run out of ideas and want some inspiration to make the wedding day perfect.

During wedding preparations, there are many things for a bride to get the right glow, right from trending bridal packages to celebrities inspired makeup. You can book online salon appointment to avail these services just from your comfort zone since it is hard to take time out from the wedding preparations. These online services make the task easy for brides to look beautiful and attractive on their big day.

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