Bringing Breast Cancer Survivors Back to Normal Life with Breast Remodeling

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The terrible disease of breast cancer is very common these days. A large number of women of all age groups suffer from it. The latest breakthroughs in medicine help cure the disease to a large extent, provided it is diagnosed at the initial stages. However, the difficult part of the treatment lies in bringing the survivors back to normal life. Breast remodeling is a popular methodology to reconstruct the breasts of women suffering from the type of cancer. The new breasts are constructed by drawing tissues from the patient’s body itself. This type of reconstructive surgery is steadily gaining prominence.

Reputed consultants at the breast clinic call this flap reconstruction. If you want to undergo this treatment, you should seek their advice regarding your eligibility. Everyone is not fit for this reconstruction surgery. Patients who are not allowed to undergo the treatment include women who are:

  • Overweight
  • Diabetic
  • Heavy smokes

The Process of Breast remodeling

The reconstructive surgeon uses the skin, fat and even muscles from another part of a patient’s body to convert those into the shape of a breast (or flap). This new breast should have an excellent supply of blood to it or else, it cannot survive. The doctor either leaves the body tissues connected to their existing blood vessels or reconnects them to the vessels under the arm and the wall of the chest.

When the displaced tissues remain connected to the original blood vessels, the new breast is called a pedicled flap. On the other hand, if they are connected to new blood vessels, it is called free flap. Reconstruction of the flap is easier when:

  • Your breasts are large by nature
  • You have a prominent scar resulting from mastectomy
  • Your mastectomy surgery has removed your chest muscles
  • You want more natural and softer solution than silicone implant

Experienced consultants at Harley Street breast clinic suggest that breast removal and flap construction can be done at the same time.

Flap Removal And Radiotherapy

The reconstruction process does not directly affect patients who have undergone radiotherapy. But in some cases, it is seen that reconstructed flap shrinks, hardens, gets discolored and undergoes shape change for the breast cancer survivors who underwent radiotherapy. However, this problem usually arises after 10 years or so. In such conditions, experts at the breast clinic prescribe further surgery to their patients. Newer flaps are then constructed from different parts of the body.

Breast Reshaping

Breast cancer experts also adjust the shape of your breast by taking fat from different parts of your body and injecting it to your breast. This procedure is more popular as lipo modeling. This procedure helps to fill up the dents in the breasts resulting from excision or removal of the gland by surgery.

After The Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast enlargement technique
performed through the surgical process of breast remodeling leaves the muscles in the arms and the shoulder stiff. After your breast surgery, you need to perform certain exercises. These exercises are helpful to get the arms and the shoulders moving normally again. There are experienced physiotherapists associated with the Harley Street clinics to show you these exercises. While doing these exercises, you will be advised to wear special bra, which is more comfortable and has no wires.

Undergoing breast reconstruction is common these days. Breast remodeling under the hands of an efficient breast cancer specialist can bring you back to your normal life almost in no time.

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