Can Paintball Gun Shot Break Window?

can paintball gun shot break window
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Most of the good quality paintball guns are designed to fire .68 caliber projectile at the speed of 280 fps or 190 mph. In normal conditions, aerodynamically designed paintball pellets could hit a target at a distance of 80 to 100 feet. Just for perspective, real bullets travel at 2500 fps, meaning paintball shots are pretty safe. However, shots fired by the best paintball guns at 280 fps is enough to damage anything, including glass windows, if fired from a short distance. The potential to cause damage to the glass window depends on the distance, shape & size of paintball gunshots and of course strength of the target. 

As said the potency to cause damage depends on projectile ballistics. If you follow paintball battlefield rules and guidelines regarding speed, pallet type, and out of bound areas, the chances of damage to opponent and property are least. If you are playing with the backyard with friends, then it is better to map the area and define rules with punishments to avoid any serious damage. That said, you should wear all possible safety gear, particularly a paintball mask, to keep your eyes safe from paints and direct hit.   

Popular Types of Paintball Markers with Damage Potential 

Beyond safety and precautionary measures, the likelihood of window break depends on the speed and mass of paintball shots and distance it travels with force. Here are some of the popular paintball markers to help you choose better so that you could play with safety and avoid window damage. 

Pump Paintball Gun 

The pump paintball gun is technically the first version designed to leave a mark from a moderate distance. Compared to modern automated paintball guns, a pump-based gun creates a relatively moderate force to send pellets out of the barrel. Just like a shotgun, one has to pump the marker and chamber the pellet each time to shoot. Well, it is least lethal in terms of damage, but if fired from a short distance could break a thin glass window. 

Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun 

Semi-automatic guns have been developed to increase firepower and accuracy. All you need is to aim and press the trigger to let the gun do the rest. You don’t have to worry about reloading, thus you are free to fire in quick succession without fatigue. As compared to pump-based guns, semi-automatic guns are more lethal and can cause serious damage if not used as per instructions. 

Three-Shot Burst Paintball Gun 

Every warrior wants to dominate the battlefield with maximum firepower to eliminate opponents in the quickest possible time. But to do that you need a gun that could fire more, that too with maximum accuracy. Modern paintball guns come with the three-shot burst mode, allowing you the power to fire three shots simultaneously. If you have glass windows in the surrounding, then you should be very careful with this gun, as a mistake could break the glass window. 

Ramping Paintball Gun

If you are looking for quick-fire with control then you can opt for ramping paintball guns. All you need to do is pull the trigger consistently and the gun will do the rapid-fire for you. For control, you can go for a chip-controlled fire powered feature to switch mode as per battle strategy. Most of the advanced paintball guns come with a mode switch to select either ramping, burst, or semi-automatic. Since these guns are designed for elimination, your glass window won’t withstand the power of the shots. 

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun  

Looking for more control and sophistication to focus more on battle strategy, then you can opt for full automatic paintball markers. Unlike a traditional ramping gun, you will not have to pull the trigger consistently. These are designed just like real-life guns, so damage potency is also realistic. 

Frankly, it is neither the gun nor the pallet that is responsible for the damage. It is your aim and calculation that increases the potency of damage. If the glass window is in the pallets’ trajectory, it is your choice whether you want to pull the trigger or simply wait for a better opportunity to avoid the likelihood of unnecessary mood spoiling damage. 

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