CBT vs. ACT Therapy: What’s the Difference?

cbt vs act
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Did you know that an estimated 19.2 million adults in the United States of America received some form of mental health treatment in 2019? Getting therapy is a great step toward achieving a more positive outlook on life and peace of mind. Taking the first steps to find a therapist is a great start, but you owe it to yourself to research the different types of therapy to get the desired results.

CBT therapy and ACT therapy are two of the best-regarded types of therapy, and choosing between CBT vs. ACT might seem difficult at first glance. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn about the two best forms of therapy for depression that you can use.

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What Is ACT Therapy?

ACT therapy stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and it has the goal of helping people accept their symptoms and the emotions that those symptoms bring and then channel those things into a happy and productive life. It doesn’t focus on getting rid of the symptoms that you’re experiencing, but the method allows for symptoms to taper off on their own.

The main focus of this type of therapy is changing the internal monologue of how people speak to themselves. You will have a much easier time identifying and breaking down the thought patterns that are so common to you. It is the perfect form of therapy if you’re looking to focus on the things that you can change while accepting the things that you can’t.

What Does ACT Therapy Treat?

ACT therapy is a great option for treatment if you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or addiction in your life. Your therapist will help you come to terms with the emotion that comes with experiencing anxiety on a daily basis.

It’s also a great form of treatment if you’re looking to overcome chronic depression in your life. Many people consider it the gold standard when it comes to therapy for depression. ACT therapy will help you learn to accept the painful thoughts and feelings that you’re experiencing as a form of validating yourself.

Acceptance and Commitment therapy is also a great choice if you’re battling addiction and looking to live a sober life again. Many people who suffer from addiction have some level of emotional pain that is at the root of their substance abuse. ACT therapy is a great option because it helps to bring those emotions out so that the person can work through them.

Benefits of ACT Therapy

One of the biggest benefits of choosing ACT therapy with a psychologist is the fact that it will allow you to enrich your life no matter the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Taking small steps to make your life better is a great way to overcome the negative thoughts and experiences that you are working through.

You will also gain more flexibility with how your mind works after you get ACT therapy. It is also the perfect form of therapy for coming to terms with the fact that negative experiences are a part of life.

What is CBT Therapy?

CBT therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy, and it involves talking with a therapist to work through the problems in your life. It works under the theory that the mind and behavior are linked together. The goal is to help the patient understand the thoughts that they’re having and then work to understand the root of those thoughts.

What Does CBT Therapy Treat?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is quite similar when comparing CBT vs. ACT since it was one of the first ways to treat depression. It is still one of the most recognized ways of helping patients that are stuffing from depression to overcome it. The purpose of CBT therapy is to allow the patient to start recognizing the negative thoughts and then replacing them with rational thoughts.

It’s also a great way to overcome anxiety, like social anxiety and panic disorders. The distortions that many people suffering from anxiety face are often the main cause of the anxiety itself. This form of therapy is perfect because it allows the patient to face their fears in a gradual and easy way. Each step of the way allows you to conquer your fear a bit more.

Benefits of CBT Therapy

One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to get CBT vs. ACT is the fact that it allows the patient to have hope for the future again. It’s normal for someone that is suffering from mental health issues to have a pessimistic view of the future.

CBT helps by allowing the patient to realize that their thoughts are not always accurate or rational. Challenging your thoughts will allow you to become more flexible and strong with your mental health.

Many people that get cognitive behavioral therapy also find that they have greater self-esteem after they complete their therapy for depression. You will walk away from your appointments with greater confidence in your purpose and your skills.

CBT is also a viable form of therapy if the patient is looking for ways to relax. A big tenet of CBT is the ability to control one’s symptoms in an effective manner. Using relaxation techniques is one of the most effective forms of CBT therapy.

The patient will also learn how to develop more positive thoughts going forward. They will learn to use their mind to control the thoughts that the brain has about a certain outcome or event.

Now You Know the Differences Between CBT vs. ACT

Choosing between CBT vs. ACT might seem tricky, but they offer many of the same benefits for therapy for depression, anxiety, and more. Choosing to find a therapist will allow you to get the mental help that you need to develop positive thoughts in the future. ACT therapy is a great option if you’re looking to come to terms with and validate your emotions and experiences.

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