Choosing an Oriental rug cleaning company

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Many people call me and ask, “How much does it cost to have an Oriental rug cleaned?” and then give me the size. Usually, they either have a cheap machine-made rug that they bought in a store or even on the street or a valuable handmade rug.

Sometimes they really don’t know what they have, as in the case of “my aunt died and left me this rug.” In such cases, dirt can build up in a rug for years, especially if it is “natural fibers” (wool, cotton, silk, or “bast fibers” such as seaweed or jute). My advice to you as a consumer is to find out what type of carpet you have if you haven’t already. You should also know that carpet cleaning should generally be done every 12-18 months.

If you don’t know how to clean oriental rugs, I have five tips for you.

1) Homemade or professional?

It’s worth spending a little more money and making sure you hire a real carpet cleaner who has both experience and references. The best method of cleaning depends on the specific carpet, but don’t try to clean it yourself. You could ruin it and you won’t get the results you want anyway, so don’t waste your time and go to a professional. I recommend someone with IICRC (International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification) or Wool safe certification or both. Visit also: Rug cleaning in Bellevue hill

2) Which method?

When looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, it’s helpful to know a little bit about the different cleaning methods you should use to clean your carpets. The most effective method is usually what is known as a full bathtub cleaning. However, this method cannot be used for all carpets, so in some cases a local cleaning method is necessary. This means that less water is used to clean the carpet. The important thing here is to hire a true professional who will first determine the type of carpet you have and then find the best method of cleaning for it.

3) Pet Stains.

One of the problems we often encounter is pet stains and strong odors on carpets where a dog or cat may have had an accident. This can cause serious odor problems in your home, so you roll up the carpet and throw it in the garage. This, by the way, is not recommended because if you store the rug this way, there’s a good chance that moths will get up on it if it’s made of wool! And rest assured, animal odors can usually be removed, although stains often remain forever. Immersion cleaning is the preferred method of solving these problems, although as I said before if your carpet cannot be cleaned this way, other methods should be used.

4) Mending.

Another difficulty is finding someone who can repair holes, scuffs, frayed edges, and fringe damage. If they are not repaired, they will only get worse over time. So another important factor in choosing an Oriental rug cleaning company is that they can repair these damages.

5) Fringe.

You may be having trouble finding a rug cleaning company that can thoroughly clean fringed rugs. This also requires specialized knowledge and experience. Sometimes the fringe is just too worn and may even unravel, in which case a good option is to replace the fringe. In most cases, however, you can go to a reputable cleaning company that will be able to work out all the nuances for you, even if there is an additional charge.

Checking all of these points when choosing a carpet cleaning company is a big advantage. The service may not be cheap, but trust me, you don’t want to be cheap in this case.

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