Complete Guide to Commercial interior & Architecture Photography

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Eatdrinkflash London: Photographing commercial spaces for clients is an exceptional skill, you need to come up with photos that portrays the purpose of the interior and architecture design in a clear and concise way. A good approach to this would be to show how one space connects to another, this gives the viewers a distinct idea of how the interior and architecture flows throughout. Several strategies can help in shooting the interiors and architecture of a project, one is to engage with the functions of the space so that the viewer can understand the dynamic feel of the space.

Complete Guide to Commercial interior & Architecture Photography

This is a challenging task for the photographer, as an interior of an office might include meeting rooms next to the corridors and offices that have glass partitions. While shooting, you must keep in mind the various distractions that may take the focus away from the subject of the photo. The reflections of the glass may also pose a challenge in conveying the clarity of the design. In this situation you can take separate shots and combine them later.

When shooting interiors, its preferable to use natural light. However, there are some spaces that are designed in a way that does not let a lot of natural light inside. In this situation using supplement light is suitable, also when the time of natural light isn’t ideal, making the room either too bright or too dull.

Shooting a RAW image lets you have more control over the final photograph and since most cameras have this option available you must choose it. The main reason to use RAW mode is because unlike JPEG the file does not trash photo information, which gives you the opportunity to adjust white balance, determine the size of your photo and much more.

If you are confused about how to start shooting, the best way is to shoot straight on. Align the camera with the walls by using the architectural scaffold as a guide. Keep it nice and simple!

Lack of space is also something Interior and Architectural Photographer London struggle with when they need to shoot in a tight space. The best thing is to make room for yourself instead of buying a wide-angle lens since the result is distorted fish eyed photos that just don’t look nice. It is also better to move things around until you get yourself a comfortable spot to shoot in.

Interior and Architecture photography is indeed challenging, and sometimes it’s better to hand the job over to the experts. At EatDrinkFlash not only all your photography needs will be met, but they will cater to other business requirements too. They are based in London with over a decade of experience, get in touch today to get your business photography is sorted.

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