Common Headache Triggers to Avoid

headache triggers
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Up to 4% of the world’s population experiences headaches at least 15 days every month.

Not only are headaches painful, but they’re also frustrating. This is especially true when you don’t know the cause.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you should aim to find the cause. You might also aim to determine your headache triggers. If you know the triggers, you’ll know what to avoid.

Here is a list of some common triggers that cause headaches.


The first thing many people do in the morning is grab a cup of coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, so it helps people get moving. Pop and iced tea also contain caffeine, and people turn to these beverages later in the day.

However, caffeine affects the brain. Headaches cause changes in the blood vessels around the brain. Unfortunately, caffeine causes the same changes. As a result, consuming too much caffeine might cause headaches.

Some people find that avoiding caffeine also leads to headaches. If you get headaches from avoiding caffeine, drink some coffee. If avoiding coffee causes headaches, avoiding coffee is a headache trigger.


The blood vessels in the brain also change when a person consumes alcohol. Thus, drinking alcohol has the same effects as coffee.

If you notice headaches after consuming alcohol, eliminate the cause. If you have fewer headaches after removing alcohol from your life, you can be sure it is a direct cause.


Your body needs hydration. Thus, doctors encourage people to consume more water to avoid dehydration.

Some people notice they experience fewer headaches when consuming more water. Fortunately, dehydration is a simple problem to address. Drink more water.

Is dehydration one of your migraine triggers? The solution is to increase your water intake.

Bright Lights

Most chronic headache sufferers avoid bright lights during headaches. But bright lights can actually invoke headaches for some people. Additionally, specific types of bulbs also trigger headaches.

For example, many people find they can handle sunlight. But they can’t handle LED lights. So if light triggers your headaches, aim to find out what types of light.


Stress is a normal part of life. But if stress triggers your headaches, you must reduce it.

For some people, this might involve switching jobs. Others might need counseling to address their anxiety.

Screen Time

You might seek headache treatment if you:

  • Can’t determine your triggers
  • Can’t find relief from your headaches
  • Feel triggered by screen time

People didn’t use computers, laptops, cellphones, or tablets several decades ago. As a result, experts don’t know all the effects of screen time. But there are direct correlations between screen time and headaches.

One cause of this is the blue lights that screens emit. Visit to learn more about treatment options.

Learn Your Headache Triggers

You’ll know what to avoid if you learn your headache triggers. Avoiding these triggers might reduce your number of headaches. However, you can still encounter headaches even if you avoid these triggers.

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