Common Psychological Problems People Have in the UAE

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The residents of the UAE, particularly the youth of Dubai, are suffering from mainly five mental health conditions. These include anxiety disorders, substance abuse, depression, schizophrenia and eating disorders.

Common Psychological Problems People Have in the UAE

As per the Institute of Health Metrics Evaluation of Global Disease Burden, these psychological problems are more common in the youth than the older population. Therefore, it is essential for parents to consult the top psychiatrist in Dubai as soon as they observe any behavioral change in their kid. Getting diagnosis in time and starting therapy will be fruitful for a child’s growth and mental development.

According to experts, the majority of people still struggle to talk about their psychological issues because of the stigmas attached to it. According to different health experts, one in every six people living in the Emirates suffers from some sort of mental illness. The main reason behind this is ‘stress’. High-stress levels at home and at work along with financial problems are some of the triggering factors for psychological problems.

Let’s have a look at these issues:

Anxiety Disorder:

Anxiety is characterized by a group of mental disorders that can cause consistent feelings of fear and anxiousness. This disorder includes all kinds of social and general anxieties, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other stress-related issues, even PTSD.  


Depression is a mood disorder that can severely affect a person’s everyday life. This disorder is generally associated with feelings of sadness, anger and loss. As per stats, 300 million people across the globe suffer from depression and it is a major cause of suicide.

Drug Abuse:

Addiction to drugs is another rising problem among the youth in UAE, especially in Dubai. Substance abuse in teens is a leading cause of violence, depression and suicide along with an increase in criminal activities.


Schizophrenia is a serious mental condition in which a person’s interpretation of reality suffers. These patients usually see hallucinations, delusions and have extremely disordered thinking. A major symptom of this disease is the idea of committing suicide.   

Eating Disorders:

An eating disorder is another serious condition that many people experience. People who suffer from these disorders usually have disturbed eating habits and are preoccupied with their weight and diet. Anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating are all types of the eating disorder. People who suffer from eating disorders usually think that they’re either over or underweight.   

Impact of Mental Health on Everyday life:

In contrast to a physiological disease, a psychological disease doesn’t only affect a single organ rather it impacts your everyday life. When a person suffers from a psychological problem, their capacity of normal functionality suffers. People suffering from mental illness find it difficult to pay attention to the task at hand. As a result, their work and studies suffer. Therefore, if you’re facing any stress, depression or anxiety then you should visit any good psychological clinic such as Camali Clinic to get yourself treated as soon as possible.

Approach for Handling Mental Health Problems:

The government of UAE is paying special attention to the importance of mental health and they have also made it a part of their Vision 2021. Additionally, the Dubai Health Authority, announced an ecosystem to ensure easy public access to high-quality mental health care.

Moreover, professional psychologists also suggest some strategies using which one can handle mental health issues daily. Using these approaches, you will be able to keep your symptoms in check and can seek professional care from a psychologist in Dubai when you think that you can’t handle it anymore.

First of all, the patients should make a symptom checklist to detect any unusual situation beforehand. Besides, they should follow these strategies to keep themselves healthy.

  • Share your problems with your family or friends. Talking with someone can help you in reducing the stress and tension that you’re facing alone. Moreover, when you talk with someone and discuss your problem, you can find a solution comparatively faster.
  •  If you’re facing any kind of psychological issues, it’s best to avoid social media usage for some time. These days social media are full of unreal and high standards and expectations of body image, status and wealth. Exposure to these posts for longer durations can cause dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.
  • Engage yourself in physical activity. Do exercise, play a game or go for a walk daily. Staying healthy will also benefit your mental health.
  • Practice moderation in your everyday life.Don’t overexert yourself.
  • Get sleep of at least 6-8 hours daily. Getting enough sleep is crucial for your mental health. And avoid watching TV in bed as it will keep your brain active and you won’t fall asleep.

Following these practices may not keep you at a bay completely from mental health issues. However, they will certainly help you to cope up with them in a better way.

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