6 Common Signage Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

common signage mistakes
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Signage is the number one shopping influence when looking to purchase a new car, a home, or clothes. Reaching consumers is critical to getting them interested in your business and driving leads and sales. But if you aren’t utilizing the tools at your disposal to highlight the fantastic things you sell, then no one will know about it.

Installing unclear outdoor signs send visitors and employees in the wrong direction and paints unreliability. So how do you know the right way to put advertisements up with your business name?

Read on to find out common signage mistakes to avoid and how to make your signs a sure hit.

1. Don’t Overcrowd Your Signs

One common signage mistake that businesses make is overcrowding their storefront sign designs. This makes the signs difficult to read and can create a visually unappealing storefront.

When creating your signage, leave enough space around each element to be easily readable. In addition, consider the overall balance of your storefront signage and ensure that it is not overwhelming.

2. Keep It Simple

One of the most common signage mistakes businesses make is trying to cram too much information onto their signs. This makes the signs look cluttered and unprofessional and can confuse customers and potential customers.

When creating signage for your business, keep it simple by sticking to one or two key messages that can be easily read and understood. Also, be sure to use clear and legible font sizes and colors that will stand out and be easy to see from a distance.

3. Consider Your Colors

Most of the mistakes seen in different types of signs are clashing colors. This can make your signage challenging to read and can even be off-putting to potential customers. When choosing sign color combinations, consider complementary colors that will make your text easy to read.

Another common mistake is using too many fonts. This can make your signage look cluttered and difficult to read from a distance. Stick to one or two fonts maximum for your signage to keep it looking professional.

4. Placing Your Sign In a Wrong Location

This can result from not taking the time to plan out the sign’s placement or simply not having enough space for the sign. Another common mistake is not making the sign visible enough.

Lastly, another common mistake is not having the sign readable from a distance. You can fix this by using larger letters or contrasting backgrounds.

5. Making It Too Complicated

When a sign is too complicated, it is difficult for people to understand what it is trying to say. It can lead to people just ignoring the movement altogether.

To avoid this, keep your characters simple and to the point. Use large, easy-to-read fonts like a channel letter sign and avoid using unnecessary graphics or images.

6. Failing to Test and Inspect Your Signs

It can lead to signs that are not adequately illuminated, not securely mounted, or have other issues that make them less effective. Additionally, if symptoms are not regularly inspected, they can become outdated or inaccurate, reflecting poorly on your business. To avoid these issues, check your signs regularly to ensure they are in top and accurate condition.

Avoid these Common Signage Mistakes For Your Business

Business owners can avoid a few common signage mistakes for more effective signage. These include using too much text, not using contrast effectively, and not using legible font sizes. By avoiding these mistakes, business owners can create signage more likely to be noticed and read by potential customers.

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