COVID 19 (Coronavirus): Common Preventive Measures You Should Take Against it

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Due to the recent epidemic outbreak of Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19 the entire globe experiences the standstill. During this hard time, you should stay updated with the latest information about this fatal viral infection. Most people experience mild symptoms and the recovery rate is huge. Still it can be worsened for some people taking their life too.

This blog entails what you should do this unpredicted quarantine period to combat against COVID 19. Read on to know them.

Often wash the hands

The very first and prime thing you should do to protect the contraction of Novel Coronavirus is washing your hands frequently. Hands washing with soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, hand wash and water kill the viruses which are present on your hands.

Social distance should be maintained

Try to keep 3 feet or 1-metre distance from other people especially those who are sneezing and coughing consistently. Even social gatherings should be avoided at this time period at the same time. It is essential because during sneezing and coughing small spray-like liquid droplets being ejected into the air from mouth or nose.

As it can be loaded with virus breathing of these droplets can be dangerous for you. If you stay too close of the person it may transmit to your body via nose while inhaling air and makes you become a COVID 19-infected person.

Refrain from touching the mouth, nose and eyes unnecessarily

As hand touches a number of surfaces all through the day it can pick up the viruses so easily. On touching your mouth, nose and eyes with the contaminated hands can allow the virus to get access to your body via these openings making you sick.

Practice good respiratory hygiene

To be safe, it is your responsibility to follow proper respiratory hygiene. Even you should ensure that the people around you are following the same. It refers to the covering of the nose and mouth with a tissue, or bent elbow while sneezing and coughing.

The used tissue should be disposed of immediately into the dustbin. As this virus generally spreads through the droplets only good respiratory hygiene can alleviate the risk of this infection to some extent.

For breathing shortness, dry cough or fever seek medical attention earliest

You are supposed to stay home for the utmost protection against Coronavirus. In case, you are experiencing breathing shortness, cough and fever for the last couple of days, medical attention must be sought on an immediate basis. Strictly adhere to the directions provided by the local health authority.

It is important because both local and national authorities are remaining up-to-date regarding the latest information of COVID 19 in your locality. Inform the health care provider in an advance to receive the right medical facility on time. This also prevents the infection and virus from spreading to others and protects you as well.

Stay updated and follow the health advice provided by the healthcare facility

Always stay updated with the latest news of COVID 19 in your area as well as other states and countries! It is always advisable to stay adhered to the advice offered by the public and national health authority and healthcare provider. You should follow the ways to keep yourself protected and other people from this fatal virus.

Only local and national authorities are updating the information regarding Novel Coronavirus in every locality nationwide. Hence, they can provide the best ever pieces of advice to you to stay protected and safe at your home.

Protective measures for the people who have recently visited Coronavirus-prone areas

  • Follow the above-mentioned common guidelines
  • Stay at your home. If you experience any mild symptoms such as slight running nose or headache contact with the local healthcare provider for check-up. Even you can visit any nearest medical facility where you can be diagnosed properly and protect you from Coronavirus and other viral infections.
  • In case of breathing difficulty, cough and fever, medical attention must be sought promptly without wasting your time. It may happen due to any medical condition or respiratory infection. Share your recent contact with any travelers or relatives. Call your healthcare provider for private covid test in London and get an immediate treatment. In this way, the possibility of spreading COVID- 19 can be preventedeffectively.

This is all that you should know. Above all, stay at your home strictly during the quarantine period to avoid social meetings, gathering and promote social distancing. Eat whatever you like and pure home-cooked immune-boosting food. Utilise this period all for yourself as it is the only way to alleviate the severity of this gnarly virus from our mother Earth.

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