Crawlies – The Creepiest Place on Earth

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Halloween calls for the scariest place on Earth, and that is precisely what spooks the little mice in Mexico. The city of Isla Mujeres is steeped in history; one can go back as far as the fifteen hundreds for the oldest settlements in Mexico. There are haunting cobblestone streets and houses with their cobbled porches and hanging gardens of flowers, fruits and herbs. For the adventurous types, this quaint little place is a great place to explore; for a few minutes of shopping and wandering about a bit one can be transported into another world altogether. Just beware the local pickpockets, they are known for stalking women who wear fancy costumes and are out at night.

Known as the’Cemetery District’ this place has many things to see and things to stay away from, many people get into trouble walking the many narrow and winding death roads, but some do not. It is the most popular tourist destination in central Mexico and a favorite among many people in the United States. One of the most haunted sites in the country, The Tower of Terror was built over a century ago during the rule of General Ignacio Zaragoza P. Bustamante, who claimed it as a gift from the devil himself.

It is said that he erected the structure in order to confuse and scare the Americans trying to invade Mexico at the time. The tower has a very real appearance to passersby, making them feel as if they are really in the middle of hell. The Hotel de la Cultura is also a very popular tourist spot; it is a three story building with pink tiled floors and a huge pink wing attached that looks like a flying saucer, which can get very intense at night.

This beautiful and active town is known for its ghostly history and the annual St. Augustine lighthouse tour is one of the creepiest places to go to. You will be walking along the shoreline amongst tall pines, while you will have the opportunity to see the real-life scariest places in town. There is a chance to interact with ghosts and other entities in this beautiful town. It is also possible to book a real-life haunted house, if you want to experience some spooky fun at night.

Another town on this Island is Vera Cruz, which is only thirty minutes away from Puerto Vallarta. It is the most popular resort on the whole of the Mexico vacation spot, but it is also one of the creepiest. On this island, there are endless possibilities for spooky activities. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the sunken ship, which is believed to be a World War II German U-boat. There are also a series of ghost stories that can be told here, including the tale of a German soldier, who survived the sinking of his ship, but became a ghost because of the heavy metal debris that was scattered all around him.

To go on with your Halloween vacation, you should also visit San Miguel de Allende. This is another town on the island, which is famous for its hauntingly beautiful Victorian buildings. The main attraction of this town is the haunting San Miguel de Allende Cemetery, which has a collection of over two hundred skeletal remains. It is said that these skeletal remains belong to victims of the San Miguel massacre that took place in 1920.

If you want to experience something that is even creepier than the previously mentioned towns, then you should visit the town of Nagoro. Nagoro is known for the “Hanasuru” or “Nagoro Ghost”. This is the principal district of the town, where many people say they have heard about hauntings and the sounds of voices coming from the deep. The story goes that there once was a young married couple, whose home was built very expensively. Unfortunately, many people say that their husbands passed away in their sleep, only to be discovered by their servants some months later.

There are many interesting things for you to see and do in this island paradise. Some of the attractions include the creepy old man hauntings at night, the beautiful white sandy beaches, and the ancient ram inns. You will never be short of things to do and places to visit when you spend time in Nagoro. It is definitely one of the creepiest places on Earth. So take your camera and take a trip to this amazing island now.

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