How Cardboard Boxes Are Suitable For Your Product Packaging? Pros & Cons

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Cardboard packages are widely required for both types of micro & major things packaging. There are multiple types of manufacturing polymers in the marketplace. But none could conquer cardboard custom packages. At Fast Custom Boxes most sectors, such as snacks, garments, apparel, technology, etc., could get cardboard packing for their goods. Nothing in this world is ideal, and all the things have some advantages as well as disadvantages. The same is for cardboard packages. Although many companies use them extensively, they also have some drawbacks. Simultaneously, Illustrated Cardboard packages connected to either an external site can provide numerous advantages.

If you operate a big brand or company, you should be informed of these cardboard boxes’ benefits and drawbacks and you need to notice the consequences of utilizing them. Perhaps you may not know all the drawbacks or benefits of these printed packages. If you’re a fresh company owner or even a start-up company, you may not realize much about cardboard packages. Under whatever segment you might fall, this article gives you a detailed overview of the cardboard packaging boxes. Discover furthermore about these wholesale packaging boxes and their different pros and cons below.

What These Boxes Are Made Of?

The construction of these cardboard packages are not much distinctive and looks exactly the same. There aren’t many differences in cardboard container style and other boxes, and they’re all brown. These cardboard packaging is made of paperboards and also have a basic layout for storing all sorts of objects, which include both bigger and smaller objects. The package edges are covered with an air column that assists in providing the goods within a cushioning dimension. This cushioning function protects the objects and keeps things secure while moving or squeezing.

1) Cost

Are Cardboard Boxes cost-efficient? That’s an essential factor.


  • Easier storage. Cardboard shipment boxes could be stored flat as designed according to the needs. It will reduce the expenses of transportation.
  • Reusable materials. Cardboard is manufactured with recycled material, reducing environmental costs.
  • Cardboard packages could be reused, granting them a ‘new life,’ which could take several stings out of it if the packaging is broken and a new one could be utilized.
  • Eco-Friendly. These boxes are made up of such material that can be recycled without contaminating the environment. In this way, these cardboard boxes are the right solution for the alarming state of the globe due to global warming. 


Repetitious need. Despite recyclable/reusable packaging and rigid plastic boxes, the demand for fresh cardboard packages continues.

2) Buying in Wholesale

Buying bulk amounts of cardboard could be beneficial.


  • Price-saving. Purchasing cardboard packages will save your agency’s cash.
  • Extensive storage. As much as your boxes are water-protected, they could be preserved for long times.


  • Upfront Investment. Purchasing wholesale boxes means paying upfront to reap the long – term value.
  • Storage room. To gain profit from buying large amounts of Cardboard Boxes, you are required to have some extra space to keep the store.
  • If you don’t have much space to store those Custom Boxes, it is most likely you would have a loss as these cardboard boxes are not environment friendly. 
  • Not environment friendly: These boxes are not suitable to store in an open environment.

3) Durability

Shipping containers must support every shipping platform’s product you have. How’s cardboard measuring?


  • Cardboard — especially corrugated brown paper — has great durability.
  • Carton has reasonable strength/weight proportion.
  • Cardboard containers perform a tremendous job of shielding their products against shipping disruption.
  • Receivers could recycle these carton-boards.


  • Not good to pack massive and heavy products. When the incorrect carton dimensions or inadequate insulation are used, cartons might not be compatible for weighty products.
  • Change shape under stress and pressure. Cardboard may be smashed, damaged, or impaired in certain circumstances.

Non-weatherproof. Cardboard could not tolerate factors like snow or rain.

4) Sealing Solutions

How do you seal your packing boxes? You could analyze the best alternatives before making a buy decision.


  • Several options. Cardboard could be sealed in several forms, like clips, adhesive & tape.
  • (WAT) top seal. Water Activated Tape provides a solid, safe sealing with e-commerce boxes. Therefore, every year, several companies make the transition to buy Water Activated Tapes for sealing.


Proper equipment. Normally, the sealing of cardboard boxes involves some sort of tool. It could be an adhesive gun or a tape dispenser.

Carefully Considering Cardboard Pays Off

Eventually, investing some hours evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing custom cardboard packages. You could get that type of package, which is perfectly suitable for your requirements and could step forward comfortably with your transportation services.

Perfect boxes with IPG operate together to deliver the Gold Standard safety, effectiveness, and consistency to your packaging boxes. For more details on the selection of custom boxes and (WAT) for your product packaging, kindly head on to our homepage Fast Custom Boxes or visit your regional representatives to demonstrate and check our all kinds of packages.

If you have some queries regarding packages customizations. Our proficient graphic designers and marketing experts are always here to suggest you the most appropriate packages solutions for your products. Moreover, you can also get several different features to decorate your cardboard boxes with a wide range of personalization features. 


Cardboard boxes have both benefits and drawbacks. We have given detailed knowledge of all the advantages and disadvantages of selecting cardboard boxes for your custom packages. After this above information, you will be capable to select the most appropriate cardboard boxes and to make a decision that either this type of custom boxes matches your needs or not.  

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