custom cosmetic boxes the material for packaging is important in 2021.

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The material for the packaging of cosmetic boxes is very important as the customer will judge the effectiveness of the product by it. There are many options available for making packaging boxes for cosmetic items. These packaging materials are mostly variations of cardboard material. the derivatives of cardboard material are ideal because the cardboard source material is paper. It is easy to shape and mold. Also, it has high tensile strength and is resistant to a considerable amount of damage. The following variants are most suitable for making custom cosmetic boxes.

Cardstock packaging material

Cardstock material is a comparatively very flexible type of packaging material. If you want a white or pastel base for your wholesale cosmetic packaging boxes, cardstock material is the best option. This material is easily printable in vivid and vibrant colors. For light backgrounds and base colors, you must go for cardstock material. It is also able to keep your product safe and secure. This makes soft flexible packaging boxes that are suitable for packaging all kinds of cosmetic items.

Kraft packaging material

Kraft packaging material is the perfect choice for you if you want to go for a more environment-friendly option for packaging your cosmetic products. Kraft material has wood pulp as its source material. that is why Kraft packaging material consists of a characteristic brown color. This gives a very natural look to the packaging and is very suitable for black color prints and texts. Other darker prints and colors also appear very nicely on it but light colors are not a good choice. This is because it already has a brown base color.

Corrugated packaging material

Corrugated material provides the safest choice for a packaging material due to its cushioning property. Its design gives it the ability to keep the most delicate and sensitive objects safe from any kind of damage. It has multiple layers of cardboard material joined together by lamination. The layers of paper or cardboard on either of the outer ends are plain. Whereas the inner one or two layers are corrugated or fluted. This creates air spaces among the sheets and can protect the product from a considerable amount of damage.

Packaging styles for cosmetic boxes

There are various styles of packaging boxes with different types of closures and designs available for wholesale cosmetic packaging. Let us talk about these styles so you can decide on which type of boxes you need to suit your brand and products.

Tuck end boxes

These boxes as their name depict have to tuck ends on the top end or both the top and bottom end of the box. For the products that are not very heavy and do not have the tendency to put pressure and fall out from the bottom closure, tuck ends on both ends are useful. These tuck ends can both face the front and we call the box a straight tuck end box. Or the tuck ends may face opposite sides in which case we call it reverse tuck end packaging box. Sometimes we need to seal the bottom, especially for heavier objects. These packaging boxes have a bottom that has auto-lock property and is known as a tuck end auto bottom packaging box.

Pillow box packaging

These attractive packaging boxes have a shape that looks like a pillow. This shape is formed by the die-cutting technique such that when you fold the flat piece of cardboard, it forms the characteristic shape. These boxes are a very good option for lighter products that are not much prone to damage. They also offer a very modern and unique look for a packaging box. These boxes will stand out from other alternative products with different regular packaging.

Window cut packaging boxes

Window cut boxes have a top window cut out also a result of the die-cutting method. This window can have a simple regular box shape or any other shape that will highlight your item inside the box. This design offers the unique ability to view the product without having to open or but the item. It is a great way for makeup lovers to have a peek at their favorite items. It has a seal of transparent plastic on it to protect the item from dust and moisture.

Hanger box packaging

Hanger boxes are just like regular tuck end boxes with an additional feature. The feature is a hanging hole or slit on top of the box. This hole or slit is cut out on the cardboard flap of the box that extends from the backside of the box. This additional feature gives the convenience to the seller of hanging the box on hooks to display. Thus saving a lot of shelf space for other items in the shop.

Custom cosmetic packaging boxes

Cosmetic packaging boxes for each cosmetic item are available according to its dimensions and target audience. We will discuss some of the most popular cosmetics for which we need custom cosmetic boxes. we will also talk about what type of packaging boxes are suitable for each item.


Soapboxes are used for the packaging of custom soaps by large-scale manufacturers or custom homemade soap makers. The soap business is thriving and more and more soap brands have become very popular. There has been a striking increase in demand for more natural and cruelty-free skincare items. If you are passionate about making soaps, now is the time to start your own business. The packaging boxes that are most suitable for soaps are tuck boxes, window cut boxes, and pillow boxes.

Cream boxes

Cream boxes are simple tuck end boxes usually with a top tuck end and an auto bottom. This design is best for all kinds of night and day creams, scrubs, and masks that you want to sell. With the increase in awareness about skin health and glow, the use of moisturizers and creams has become more popular. There has been a rise in new and nature-friendly brands. Tuck end boxes are most suitable for placing your cream box and reusing it for storage.

Mascara boxes

Mascara is a cosmetic item that can make your makeup look very lush and luxurious. It is suitable for both full makeup look and a no-makeup look. Mascara is a great item to use in both summer and winter. Women now use it as an everyday item and keep it in their bag at all times to add a quick glam to their look. The most suitable packaging box for mascara boxes are straight tuck end or reverse tuck end boxes. These boxes have tuck ends on both sides so that you can easily remove your mascara from the packaging box. Hanger boxes are also a great choice for mascara because mascara is lightweight and safe to hang.

Eyeshadow boxes

Eyeshadows are vibrantly colorful and beautiful makeup items that every woman likes to have in their makeup collection. The beautiful and fancy colors of the eyeshadow make everyone want to get a hold of them. The packaging boxes that are the only best choice for this cosmetic item are window cut boxes. these boxes give the convenience of having a glance at your favorite eyeshadow colors from outside the packaging box.


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