Do I need a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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How does a Dallas personal injury lawyer handle your accident case?

No one is ready to face a car accident. The impact of it can affect you and your life miserably, especially if it’s serious. It can also cause fear, expenses, discomfort, depression, and long-term pain. It raises a question, whether the accident was the fault of yours or the other person? 


If you believe you were not responsible for the injuries or accident, it is best to fight for your rights. Accidents are unexpected, plus the challenges it brings are unexpected too. Most people don’t know what to do post an accident and whether a Dallas personal injury lawyer is worth considering or not? 

Maybe, you can ask the person responsible for your injuries to pay you expenses, but how? You can file a claim and sue the person for their wrongful act, but how? Here is a guide that speaks about car accident cases and injury attorneys. 

Dealing with Injury Claim without a lawyer

Firstly, the personal injury needs to be medically proven. You should seek medical help; you should file all the medical bills and other expenses related to it. The wound you’ve sustained must get photographed as evidence to show in the claim court. 

You have a responsibility to note all the costs associated with your injuries. The medical attention from your doctor, chiropractic care, other therapy, or treatment should get documented. 

These are out-of-pocket expenses that you are paying because of the other party’s negligence. You should seek compensation for all the expenses incurred to you, the damages you’ve sustained. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DALLAS PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER

Minor injuries can turn our major in no time if you show a slight delay from your side. The other party’s insurance company will also determine your compensation, and it will become challenging. 

Since the other party, your insurance company, the other party’s insurance company will reduce your compensation benefits. It will become challenging for you to gain the exact compensation you deserve, and therefore a Dallas personal injury attorney becomes the best choice. 

Ask yourself, are you ready to fight for your case all alone? Or do you need a professional lawyer’s help? Let’s discuss the reason for hiring an attorney. 

If any of these apply, you need an attorney: 


  • Broken bones, hospitalized, long term health affected
  • Someone died in an accident 
  • Medical treatment costing you more than anything
  • Missing your school/college or work, 
  • Unable to live a normal life
  • There is a dispute, and everyone is blaming each other for the accident
  • The accident took place in a different site/ someone else’s property
  • Insurance is not playing nice
  • The paperwork doesn’t look accurate
  • Multiple parties were involved in the accident

Know how Serious your Injuries are? 


Perhaps, car accidents will bring out a lot of complications and challenges in your normal life, from sustaining minor scrapes or bruises to more than just cosmetic vehicle damage. 

It can be tormenting to deal with an accident that brings pain along with other disability issues. Severe injuries bring out medical bills, extended medical treatments, and reduced income to help pay for those bills. 

Car accidents can make you go through traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or amputation problems. When you work with a Dallas personal injury lawyer, they know what you might expect in a case and how much compensation you deserve. 

These complex injuries can bring in more extensive damage to you, and you should seek justice for the same. So, the harder your injuries, the more you get in trouble! In this case, your lawyer can handle your claim while you recover from the pain. 

Hiring a Lawyer after an Accident


Hiring a Dallas personal injury lawyer will help you handle your car accidents. It means you have a professional working for you, with their knowledge of the case’s laws, rules, and procedures. 

At The Law Offices of Bailey & Galyen, we have professional lawyers on board who can help you deal with legal challenges. We have 40+ years of experience and are ready to help you with any legal issues you are facing.

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