Explore The Ways To Develop An On-demand Services App With An App Like TaskRabbit

Building an App Like Taskrabbit
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On-demand apps are our life saviour as they help us with completing each task of our day. But, thanks to on-demand apps for helping us out to meet our daily chores without any hassles. We could find the right professionals to help us out with the tasks through these on-demand apps for home services.

If you are an entrepreneur with a vision to launch your on-demand app, then you would have probably known about TaskRabbit. In this blog, we will be discussing precisely developing an app like TaskRabbit.  

What is TaskRabbit, and what is so unique about it?

Amidst busy schedules, household chores remain unnoticed for days. There are two reasons for that. First, people tend to procrastinate their tasks because of their fully occupied schedules. Secondly, most of them fail to find professionals to help them with their household chores. Thus begins the real struggle of people. 

TaskRabbit was launched in 2008 to help people in carrying out their daily activities. As the name suggests, TaskRabbit allows the users to assign their daily tasks to freelancers listed in the app. With this app, the users could find the best professionals who are more qualified and more experienced to handle all the tasks around your house. Moreover, the users can go through the profile of those professionals and select them regarding their ranking and reviews. 

How about creating a TaskRabbit-like app for your business?

By now, you would have understood how TaskRabbit works as an on-demand home service app. Now, it’s also time to discuss developing a similar on-demand app for your business. The TaskRabbit clone will be the perfect start for your business. The app is a replicated version of the standard TaskRabbit following its similar features and business model. 

And, the TaskRabbit clone is the widely preferred model by entrepreneurs for starting their on-demand home service app. However, at the initial stages of a business, you can opt for replicating the features of an already existing model. Cloned apps are the best for entrepreneurs like you as they are ready-made with which you can launch your business in the blink of an eye.

Once you decide to start your business with a TaskRabbit clone, now you have to determine the list of services you want to include in your app. Some of the most popular on-demand services are,

  • Delivery professionals 
  • Home cleaners 
  • Home painters 
  • Security guards 
  • Mechanics 
  • Carpenters
  • Car washmen 
  • Doctors and nurses 
  • Movers and lifters 
  • Plumbing
  • Gardening 
  • Dog walkers 

The best way to generate revenue through your TaskRabbit clone app

Your TaskRabbit clone app will act like a typical aggregator model where it helps users being an intermediary. Which means it does not own any assets or properties to conduct its business.

Now, let us discuss the ways through which the TaskRabbit clone app earns its revenue,

  • Commission charges

This is one of the standard revenue streams for aggregator models. The TaskRabbit clone app will receive a commission for each completed task. The task poster, i.e., the users, whenever they pay for their task, the app will take around 15% of the amount as its commission charges. And the remaining amount will be given to the taskers. 

  • Trust and support fee

In addition to the commission, the task poster will pay this amount directly to the app for availing services through the app. On receiving this fee, the app gives a clear-cut assurance for the people to provide all kinds of assistance and service. 

  • Peak pricing

In a certain period of time, specific tasks or works will be at their peak. So, the app features peak pricing, and those task posters who are ready to pay them will get the priority to avail of the services. 

Must-have features of a TaskRabbit clone app

The TaskRabbit clone will have the following features,

Quick registration process

The TaskRabbit clone should ensure easy registration steps for the users to register with the app swiftly. However, the users can sign in with their email address, phone number, and social media accounts.

Browse through their services

As an app, it is essential to provide user-friendly functioning to your app. An advanced search option will help the users to find their services from the app effortlessly. The filter option should also enable the users to find their service providers based on cost, distance, and ratings will help the user experience. 

Live to track

The users can track their service providers in real-time to know their exact location and details. The task posters can also communicate with their service providers through the app. 

Multiple payment options

The TaskRabbit clone should support the users to pay according to their feasible payment method. Hence, the app should help with payment options like COD, credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets.

Rate and review

Imagine if a user faces some challenges with our services and service provider. In what way will they express that to us? So, it is essential to provide a rate and review option to record their honest feedback about the app.

How much does it cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone app?

Now, it’s time for you to raise a question that has been pondering your mind for a long time. The cost of developing a TaskRabbit clone depends on certain factors, and there is no fixed upfront cost for the app. 

For example, the level of customization, app platform, features, and functionalities of the app are the determinants that decide the cost of your app development. However, apart from that, for each additional technical support, you are expected to pay additional charges. 

On a concluding note,

On-demand home services apps have become the dire need of people to get all their home services done in seconds. With an app like TaskRabbit, you can also set your foot in the race of on-demand apps. Why wait? Find the best app development companies and develop your viable TaskRabbit clone app with cutting-edge technology.

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