Does Eliquis Cause Depression or Anxiety? Side Effects to Know

does eliquis cause depression or anxiety
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Strokes are a significant health threat to millions of people in the United States. Nearly 800,000 people suffer strokes annually.

Lifestyle changes like consistent physical activity and a healthy diet are beneficial. Still, those changes alone aren’t enough to maintain your health. Taking prescription medicine is an excellent way to fortify your health.

One of the top medications to prevent blood clots is Eliquis. Though effective, knowing the Eliquis side effects is vital to determine if it fits your situation best. Knowing does Eliquis cause depression or anxiety is a step toward making an informed decision for your health and wellness.

Luckily, you’re in the right spot to learn more about Eliquis interactions and side effects. Continue reading to decide if Eliquis is the ideal fit for your health today!

What Are the Eliquis Side Effects?

Eliquis has several notable side effects. Knowing about each will prepare you when you begin taking this medication for your health. The most common side effects you’ll experience are bleeding and bruising.

Allergic reactions are also possible when you add Eliquis to your medication regimen. Many patients also experience nausea, dizziness, joint pain, and fatigue.

These effects are normal when starting a prescription. Don’t be alarmed if you notice these changes after being prescribed Eliquis by your doctor.

Most people experience mild side effects, though there are more severe ones to be aware of. Chest pain and blood in your stool are not common but are possible. Bleeding gums and changes in balance when walking or standing are also possible.

Managing the Eliquis Side Effects

If you experience side effects from Eliquis, it’s best to speak with your doctor. Continue taking your medication to protect your health. Stopping your intake of Eliquis increases your chances of suffering a stroke.

Contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible if you’re experiencing chest pain or disruptions with your health. Your doctor will find you an alternative medication to Eliquis if the side effects are hampering your life. You can use this eliquis coupon to save money when filling your prescription.

Does Eliquise Cause Depression or Anxiety?

Studies have not connected using Eliquis and depression or anxiety. That said, it’s vital to monitor your health for signs of depression and anxiety after beginning your prescription. It’s also worthwhile to watch medication reactions.

The best approach is to contact your doctor if you feel yourself sliding toward depression after starting Eliquis. They’ll advise you about the best options for your physical and mental health. Avoid halting your intake of the prescription to maintain heart health until you’ve discovered a suitable replacement.

Prepare for the Eliquis Side Effects Today

Eliquis is an effective medication for preventing strokes and heart attacks, but it comes with notable side effects. Learning does Elliquis cause depression or anxiety is beneficial before starting your prescription.

Contact your doctor if you notice these side effects. It’s a vital step to maintain your health and wellness.

Preventative maintenance is the best approach to a healthy body and mind. Read our Health blog content for helpful wellness tips today!

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