E-commerce and payment methods: what to know to sell?

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Did you know that to optimize your e-commerce, it is also essential to improve the payment methods? People need to pay for purchases quickly – here’s what you need to know to maximize profits.

Anyone who has an online shop knows that there are meaningful relationships between e-commerce and payment methods. Especially if you want to maximize profits. People want to buy, but they demand security and simplicity.

That’s why you have already improved the sales cart and all the checkout steps. You did, right? Well, because this is an essential point.

But also the choice of the various payment methods and the optimization of the multiple steps are part of the valuable techniques to optimize the conversion rate.

In these cases, it is impossible to improvise, and there is a need for a simple and direct relationship between the seller and the payer. Just like when you go to a physical store: what accesses if someone refuses the ATM payment?

The reaction is apparent, which is why you must improve every step concerning the relationship between e-commerce and online payment methods such as Paypalbank transfer, credit cards, and other solutions.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Why bother with online payments?
  • 2 6 payment methods for eCommerce
  • 3 Choose the ideal plugin to charge on the web
  • 4 Inform the customer about the payment methods
  • 5 E-commerce and payment methods: which ones do you choose?

Why bother with online payments?

This is the first point to address: we must never forget the importance of the relationship between e-commerce and online payments. Because you always have to offer the public everything you need to pay.

One of the most interesting statistics is the one that shows Baymard ‘s abandonment data. Even if it is not one of the main items (in the head, there are the prices not budgeted), the absence of payment methods is always a reason that pushes people to change websites.

6% quit because there are no proper payment methods.

It means that it is in the interest of the seller to work in two directions. On the one hand, possible solutions must be completed to allow most customers to complete the purchase. On the other hand, you have to make sure that all payment methods work well on desktop and mobile.

Because this is a fundamental trend, if we consider the movements of payment methods in Italy, in 2019, we can assume that most of the transactions come from mobile devices.

If we add the various digital apps, it is right to consider that the payment methods must be tested for desktops and smartphones.

But what are the points to be addressed? What to add to your eCommerce? Here’s what you need to know to best monetize.

Six payment methods for e-commerce

There are several. Indeed, online payment habits change over time. It is increasingly easier to talk about professional web shoppers who have overcome the fear of putting sensitive credit card data on a website. Which obviously must be stable, safe.

Reliability of brand. The brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination …and the presence of an SSL certificate (i.e., HTTPS) are signals that reassure the customer and push him to purchase.

But to avoid abandonment rates, you must always allow payment by credit card, Paypal, prepaid, and rechargeable card such as PostaPay. Then there are increasingly marginal solutions such as bank transfers and cash on delivery, which can be significant in some sectors.

A piece of good advice on every occasion: never add the surcharge linked to any economic transactions that are not convenient and that you want to download on the cost of the product to the price of the product. In these cases, abandoning the cart becomes immediate and (almost) safe.

Credit card

The payment method preferred by everyone, for sure it must be present and must be declined to accept the primary circuits:

  • MasterCard.
  • Master.
  • American Express.
  • Visa.
  • Diners Club.

The local reality must also be understood in this world. For example, if we turn to the Italian market, it will be impossible to do e-commerce without the support and payment of Postepay.


It has now become a standard. This e-wallet service allows you to have credit at your disposal in your cloud storage.

With Paypal, you can accept payments, sort money to your current account, deposit, and withdraw in a thousand different ways. And, of course, you can pay for your online purchases. Did you do it too? Do you know how it works?

Perfect, you need to allow your prospects to do the same. Paypal has become one of the most popular online purchase methods thanks to its speed and security: just your email and password of the service.

Rechargeable cards

Prepaid or rechargeable cards are very convenient financial tools for those who want to shop online safely. Of course, with reputable websites and brands, the problems are zero. But those who wish to can dedicate a prepaid card at zero cost only for online purchases.

Usually, these cards are recharged only to make the online purchase, with the precise amount. The reason is simple: if you get scammed, you can ignore the problem as there is nothing to lose.

Bank transfer

Dear, old wire. Is there still room for action for e-commerce and such payment methods? Yes, a small percentage of the public still prefer to work this way. The reason is simple: habit. There is still a link between online shopping and bank transfer.

Who has a target? Usually, the large generalist companies prefer to keep this channel alive.

But time is working to permanently close this outlet because it is slow, cumbersome, complex.

Cash on delivery

In the relationship between e-commerce and payment methods, there are still those who prefer payment on delivery. Cash on delivery was a prevalent method in Italy, especially when there was still little experience with online purchases. The distrust was palpable, and it was preferred that way.

I pay when I see the product at home.

Today the dynamics between e-commerce and payment methods have undergone a significant evolution. They are confining payment on delivery to the edge of the balance between e-commerce and payment methods.

As with bank transfer, there is a tendency to bypass the world of cash on delivery to aim for fast and streamlined procedures. Which at the moment are just as secure but less binding. Especially a payment method that forces you to be present at home with the sum.


At the opposite end of the e-commerce and payment methods universe, we find the circle of various eWallets. In this list, we can include:

  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Play.
  • Samsung Pay.

Yes, let’s say they don’t have a great imagination with suffixes. In any case, these services offer the possibility of creating digital wallets.

This is useful for paying directly from your mobile. You can transact online and offline at any time, securely and quickly. But how are these payment systems implemented?

Choose the ideal plugin to charge on the web.

In reality, the most specific part of implementing e-commerce and online payment methods is this: to insert them on your online shop, use a plugin. Which? It depends on what you want to enter. You can usually find everything on the single eCommerce payments directory.

  • www.adyen.com/magento .
  • woocommerce.com/gateways .
  • addons.prestashop.com/payment .

Inform the customer about the payment methods

To combine the relationship between e-commerce and payment methods in the best possible way, you can take advantage of one of the essential points to increase the probability of conversion in web marketing; conversion means when a user takes a specific – measurable – action that is important to your business. Examples are access to the site, the visit of… What does that mean? Inform the user.

Zalando shows the payment methods.

Here is Zalando. The footer shows a list of icons that show the main credit and prepaid cards that reassure the user.

If you have these solutions, you are welcome. You can also create a page dedicated to the necessary clarifications for those who want to pay on delivery, by bank transfer, cash on delivery, or perhaps with affiliate credits.

E-commerce and payment methods: which ones do you choose?

Of course, you can’t follow all the options, but there is a need for maximum attention on this front: those who study the various insurance features of an eCommerce must also evaluate how to allow the public to pay. Because in this way, you can include and exclude specific targets.

There are payment methods such as Paypal, credit card, Postepay, and prepaid that cannot be missed. But it is right to evaluate one case at a time based on what are the trends and habits of the target audience. Do you agree on this point?

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