Inclusions You Can Find in an Employee Background Check

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Do you know what an employment background check is? It is the review of the financial, employment, criminal and commercial records of the person. Nowadays, most employers organise background checks before hiring a candidate to any job profile on their respective organisation.

Even it can be organised after hiring a candidate as well. If the employer seeks assistance from the third part to inquire about a candidate then the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) restricts the checking to some extent. They have imposed a set of rules which must be followed during inquiring about the applicant in the proper manner.

This is a federal legislation which set a standard for employment screening. According to FCRA the background check report is regarded as the consumer report. So, if you are thinking for a job change or already applied to a specific job role, then you must go through this blog.

It will let you know how to prepare for the background check including its inclusion and your rights.     

In what ways employers organise employee background checks

Before the conduction of the background check by the employer, a consumer report will be sent by FCRA. It is much like a written notification and they accept the reply in written authorisation only. In case they consider conduction of the inquiry on their own rather requesting the report from your previous company then, your consent isn’t necessary legally.

If on the basis of the consumer report, the employer decides to cancel the job offer then they should offer you with pre-adverse action disclosure. It must be in written form explaining your rights along with attached consumer report copy.

Later adverse action notice will be sent to you mentioned with the contact information of the employment screening company they preferred. Even there will be a line stating your right for report disputation.  

What employers actually look for?

Background check comprises of the simple yet thorough verification of the background of a job applicant. Mostly, the employer looks for social security number, driving records, credit, work history, vehicle registration, criminal records and much more.

Also it includes information about sex offending case, military records, and drug test result, property ownership, references, medical check up for job, and bankruptcy, compensation and court records. Though, rarely some employers also organise a character check that involves inquiring about your personal acquaintances from neighbours and friends.

Basically, the essential information they want to check is entirely depended on the type of the job you are going to apply. Furthermore, the type somehow also depends on the company and employer involved.  

Background Check Privacy

Most job seekers are worried regarding the inclusions in the background check! But do you know certain aspects cannot be covered revealed whatever may be the circumstances. It includes records of civil judgements, civil suits and arrest after seven years and bankruptcies after ten year.

Even accounts collections after seven years and tax liens paid after seven years are not essential to disclose at all. If the salary scale of an individual is $75000 or above then the above restrictions will be not applicable at the same time. At the same time, several aspects can be looked into by the employer only after your consent.

It includes academic records and military records. But the awards, assignments, salary, rank and name can be disclosed by the military to the organisation without the consent of the individual itself. Discrimination should not be done as you have been associated with bankruptcy. But as it is the public record any employer can easily find out the information regarding this.

On the basis of the background checks, laws differ from one state to another. In several states medical records are kept confidential. But employers should not take any decisions on the basis of the disability of the applicant. One should inquire lots more about the ability for performing the necessary job role.

Get ready to perform the background check

While preparing for the background check it is best to disclose any vital health-related information to the employer. This will help the employer to be aware about your certain health issue prior to receive the report. In order to find out the issue in your background, you can make a credit report.

In case there is any erroneous information, report immediately about it to the creditor. The copy of motor vehicle record is also obtained from the state motor vehicles department. Similarly, other fundamental records can be requested from courts, educational institution and much more. You should ask for personnel files from the previous employers.

While selecting any references for you make sure they will say everything good and positive about you. Moreover, you should also emphasis on the topics and subjects before posting on your social media platforms, blogs and several other sites.

You should handle your social media platforms smartly and as a perfect techie; otherwise someone will steal information from there and misuse it to ruin your career. Hence, you should remain utmost careful regarding the privacy settings and the post you want to make viewed publicly. Apart from these, the job applications and resume must be justified and accurate.

In case there is any false statement you may get caught at a certain point which can affect your career adversely. Simply, it will ruin the employment history just because of getting fired from the organisation as employer always looks for enhanced resume.

Among these entire background check, you can also perform medical check up in London from any nearby health clinic. Mainly, employers focus on the health condition of the applicant to check the suitability of the candidate mentally and physically to perform the assigned job role. You can speak with your doctor too before undergoing the employment medical screening.

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