Which tips can help the females to keep the fertility maintained for so long?

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“To keep your reproductive capabilities on track, it is required to follow some of the tips” – Highly Experienced Gynecologist (Practising in the famous IVF centre in Punjab).

Those who do not take care of their reproductive health suffer from various kinds of infertility problems. The majority of the couples suffering from such problems are convinced to undergo IVF treatment as their infertility is irreversible. One day or the other, they have to bear the test tube baby.

Which tips can help the females to keep the fertility maintained for so long?

In this blog post, we are going to share, many of the tips which are essential for you to follow, if you want to trigger the conception naturally:


Keep on tracking your cycles

The range of the normal cycles can fall between 26 to 32 days. It is usually 28 days. Tracking helps to know whether the menstrual cycles are regularized. In case, they are found to be extremely short or long, then this indicates that they are suffering from ovulation problems.


Did you know?

If you are a thyroid patient, then also the menstrual cycle can be irregular.


Maintain good lifestyle

Those women who always abstain from smoking and the consumption of alcohol usually run high in reproductive capabilities. There are a couple of other things which the woman can surely try out if she wants to maintain the happiness and the spark in her life.


Work on your obesity, please!

Both the types of women, who are either overweight or underweight are at the verge of risk of suffering from infertility or miscarriage like issues.

If a woman is afflicted with obesity, then she must consult the gynaecologists before she tries to conceive.


Keep up with the follow-up visits with your gynaecologist

No matter whether you are planning for a baby or not, you should still keep up with the follow-up visits with the doctors.



Any couple who is actively participating in the sexual acts without using any protection, but is still facing problems to conceive, they are must visit the gynaecologist.


Try to plan baby in the reproductive years

You need to plan the baby in the reproductive years to avoid any complications concerning age and other factors.

If the baby is planned when either or both of the partners are in the advanced maternal age, then they are sure to suffer from the complications.


Do not take the stress

Today’s lifestyle is highly dominated by stress. Stress is the enemy of healthy conception and if a woman cannot control being affected by stress then it becomes difficult for her to carry the pregnancy to the end.


Nutritional deficiency

Before conception planning, the female should start taking some of the nutrients which are required for the body. In case, the food items are not able to fulfil the demand, then there is no bad thing in counting on the supplement intake.


Bottom Line

By following the above-mentioned measures, the female can remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

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