Firefly 2+ Review: An Advanced and On-Demand Vaporizer

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Is this the Firefly that can shape the vape market in a whole new level?

The Firefly 2+ is a portable convection vaporizer that is perfect for instant vaping as you may carry this handy one in any adventures you would take. The 2+ is a pocket-friendly size that is designed with the elegance which the Firefly brand usually has for its vapes. It’s one of the kind of vapes that take you to relaxation and mindful sessions. However, the downside for this one is that it has less draw resistance, which makes the device heat up quickly.

Here’s a quick overview of its specifications based on the manufacturer’s list:

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Type: Dry Herb Vaporizers
  • Temperature Settings: 355-420 F (180- 215 C)
  • Heat-up time: 2-5 seconds
  • Battery Capacity: 770 mAH
  • Battery Type: Replaceable
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Yes

Firefly 2+’s Design & Compatibility

When it comes to its design, the Firefly 2+ has an uncanny design from its predecessor, and the only difference is that the new one has a window that shows the new logo. This new logo and branding can be seen underneath its viewing portal. It also has a magnetic cover and touch sensors placed to prevent users from accidentally turning on the vape in the pocket. Though, it’s quite quirky to look at those in a tiny vape device. However, there’s an option to control the device through a smartphone app.

The Firefly 2+ Review is that it’s pretty easy to carry everywhere, especially during camping in the woods or maybe just chilling in the corner with coffee on the side. It has rounded edges meaning that it is a bit more pocket-friendly than most cannabis vapes for you to slip in and out of pockets effortlessly. Also, there’s no need for a user to worry about the mouthpiece getting dirty since they can easily remove it if you want to.

The entirety of the device is built with magnesium alloy, and the viewing portal is made from quartz. Its heating chamber is made of a ceramic superalloy. This would likely work in conjunction with the borosilicate glass airpath. This is to ensure the purity of vaped cannabis. With this latest model, you can expect the manufacturing quality from a vaporizer is in the premium price range. But the Firefly 2+ is a little more complicated than other dry herb vapes in the market.

Users can select temperatures from 320°F to 420°F in 20° increments on the vaporizer smartphone app. And it can go from 200°F to 420°F in ten-degree increments. This also gives the users helpful tutorial videos and allows them to customize the button configuration.

Effective Performance and Quality

The 2+ has a notable temperature control with the smartphone app, and the onboard presets, which are also perfect for concentrates. Its preset temperature settings are also available without using the app, which can also be set by managing the sensor buttons on the vape device. One of the things you would really need to consider before getting the vape is to use a proper technique. Having it right would boost the vape device performance.

The vapor quality from the Firefly 2+ is among the alpha dogs of the vape group. The vapor you can get from the 2+ is incredibly smooth and quite potent. This is also one of the few devices that could really perform with the concentrates. Its temperature can go high enough that allows you a multiple nicely sized, very flavourful hits off clouds of smoke.

Its battery has about 770 maH that could yield roughly 2-4 full bowls, still depends on your usage habits. It is also removable like any other premium vape device. But the downside with manageable features is that their custom-made batteries aren’t easy to come across and quite pricey.

How to Use the Firefly 2+ With Dry Herb

  1. You have to remove the lid first, place your herb in the chamber, and then replace the cover.
  2. After that, you have to press the touch sensors to start the heating process gently.
  3. You might need to observe the logo light for once the logo stops blinking and turns solid green, heating is complete.
  4. You may now Inhale from the mouthpiece for seven to ten seconds.

Take note: As long as there is a herb in the chamber, you can repeat steps 2 to 4 whenever you like.

With Concentrates

  1. You must remove the lid and place a concentrate pad into the heating chamber.
  2. After that, you have to dab some wax onto the pad and then replace the cover.
  3. Then, you may gently press both touch sensors to start the heating process.
  4. Once the logo stops blinking and turns solid green again, heating is complete.
  5. You may now inhale from the mouthpiece for seven to ten seconds.

The Verdict

Firefly 2 has already proved its worth with cannabis users, which may also be found in the Firefly 2+ as long as you have the proper draw technique. The process may be vigorous, but once you hit it off, you’ll experience the expected output from this vape device. With the new app update, it will surely achieve what users expect from the Firefly 2+.

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