Get Funded: 6 Pitch Deck Design Tips for Impressing Investors

pitch deck design
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Everything you need to know about raising funds. Creating a pitch deck shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. It’s one of the simplest steps you can take toward funding your startup.

But, finding the right information and advice might be a challenge. We want to help make that easier.

Keep reading for six of our best pitch deck design tips.

1. Pick a Template or Palette

A professionally designed template or palette will provide the key foundations of a creative and impactful pitch deck that can make your presentation stand out. Keep in mind that you should create a design that reflects your brand and is in line with modern trends.

View here for more pitch deck designs, and start creating a cohesive layout throughout the slides of your presentation that allows the information to be more digestible and appealing to potential investors.

2. Use Your Branding

When it comes to the overall design, considering colors, shapes, and patterns that are associated with your business can further support your messaging and make a positive connection with your potential investors.

An easy way to do this is to incorporate elements from your website and other literature into your deck designs and slides.

3. Include Charts to Simplify Content

When creating charts and graphs, make sure they are clear, legible, and easy to understand. You should also ensure they are visually appealing since investors will likely view a deck on a big screen.

A great presentation includes charts that are visually balanced and organized with a clear goal that is easy to understand.

4. Use Stellar Images

Images are an important part of conveying an idea’s potential and boosting the impact of the overall story told. Investing in high-quality images that convey a strong visual story can help impress investors and draw them into the presentation.

Ultimately, the key to success when it comes to using stellar images in a pitch deck is to focus on quality rather than quantity – include only the best visuals that support the ultimate goal of the presentation and that offer the most value.

5. Organize With Icons

Icons can help organize and move the audience through the flow of the presentation and support important facts or data elements. Creative ideas such as this will help designers stand out from the competition and ensure investors recognize the effort.

In addition, icons can also serve to differentiate between topics and differentiate the overall design style.

6. Create a Type Hierarchy

When creating a type hierarchy in designing a pitch deck, it is important to consider the needs of your audience – the investors. You should ensure that the copy is still legible and easily digestible when at the smallest size, as investors often have to work from a distance. Additionally, when it comes to titles, headlines, and section headings, ensure that this type is larger than the body copy.

And lastly, your hierarchy should be absolute – design elements used in one slide should not be different in another slide. This will help to unify the entire deck, which is essential when conveying a convincing story to investors.

Pitch Deck Design to Impress Investors

By following the six design tips about pitch deck design, you’ll maintain the attention of investors and give yourself the best chance of receiving the desired funding.

Implementing visuals, ensuring flow, and ensuring cohesive messaging will help stand out from the crowded market of companies. Implement these tips to refine and maximize your pitch deck quickly and easily. Good luck, and get pitching!

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