Here is what your dentist is doing to take precautions during COVID-19

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When you take an appointment with your dentist before visiting during the pandemic, it can assist you in taking necessary precautions before taking any dental assistance. Your dentist starts by cleaning the tools, washing their hands, and putting on gloves to prepare for your appointment. Since it was also a standard protocol when it comes to medical assistance, but in this pandemic, the standard safety and hygiene measures have changed.

To keep the patients and the staff healthy, there are a few more things that your dentist must have added to their daily hygiene protocols. According to Roots Family Dentistry, which is one of the finest and efficient family dentistry clinics in Richmond, VA,here are some of the top measures that they have taken during COVID-19.

In this article, a lot of your common questions will be answered so that you can book your dentist appointment with peace of mind and by being rest assured of your safety.

Educating the staff

During such uncertain times, the best you can do is to train your staff and keep them updated about the current happenings. To stay updated, the staff at the clinic as well as your dentist should participate in webinars and add additional awareness programs that are being conducted. This will help them to stay updated and provide treatment in the healthiest and safest manner.

Paying attention to supervision

An aware dental clinic will not only educate their staff and change the safety protocols according to the hour’s need but they will also ensure that everything is being followed. A lot of clinics have assigned a designation professional who makes sure that every staff member is following the protocols. This individual is responsible for ensuring that things are going as planned and that the rules are being followed.

New uniforms

Every dental clinic has their own uniforms. But during the pandemic, clinics have also started wearing face shields, masks and PPE uniforms. As coronavirus can live on various surfaces, clinics have made it mandatory to change into a PPE uniform when they arrive at work. These scrubs are changed weekly to ensure maximum safety against the virus.

Thorough disinfecting and cleaning

Although dental clinics have been following strict hygiene measures for the longest time now, with the rise in covid cases, it has become even more crucial to work in the cleanest environment. This includes paying attention to every small detail. From cleaning and sanitizing the doorknob, using disposable gloves and instruments wherever possible, sanitizing every surface be it switchboard, the waiting area and the reception desk- everything needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

Even though the times are difficult, most dentists have resumed their practices. Considering the dental problems or routine checkups are very essential to ensure your oral health, the government has permitted dentists to switch back to normal routines. However, during such times we might be scared of leaving the house but neglecting your oral health is not an option. So, what are the clinics doing in order to ensure safety? Have they made any changes in the way they function? What hygiene measures are taken by them?

We all know that with proper hygiene and social distancing we can flatten the Covid-19 curve. However, due to the rising cases reputable clinics like Roots Family Dentistry are taking additional precautionary measures. Their team is staying up to date with all the changes that the government is making with regards to the medical and health sector.

If you are considering visiting a dentist in Richmond, get in touch with Roots Family Dentistry who is one the most reliable choices when it comes to family dentistry in Richmond. Call them on 8043799376to book an appointment and for emergencies call on 8044820757.

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