How Adwords Can You Increase Your Business Profits

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Many people have heard how Google Adwords can give you an ROI of 300% or more. This makes sense since 81% of people find products and services on google. Let’s say you are looking for a good plumber near you or the best pizza place near you. The most obvious place to search is Google unless you have a friend who can recommend one.
Google Adwords is an advertising podium where businesses pay to have their ads shown to prospective customers at the top of Google’s search page. It allows your ad to show up when people search for a specific keyword such as ‘best pizza place in Lake Tahoe,’ and you pay money for every click you get from that ad.
Unfortunately, clicks don’t automatically convert to sales or revenue. People will often click your ad, visit your landing page, and leave without buying anything or hire your services. This means you are essentially paying for empty clicks and wasting money in the process.
In this post, we look at five easy ways to increase your business profits using Adwords instead of pouring money down the drain

  1. Optimize Your Landing Page
    The only agenda you have when posting an ad is to send people to your landing page, which will convert them into customers. This means your landing page must have everything necessary to convert a passer-by into a customer. According to Wordstream, your landing page must have a simple design, powerful headline, clear and simplified copy, and a great call to action that tells the customer exactly what they are getting. This landing page from Codeacademy is the perfect example of a conversion-centered design that entices people to stay and take action.
  2. Find Your Unique Selling Point
    If we take the example of ‘the best pizza place in lake Tahoe’ again, it’s safe to assume there are more than a few options. Granted, they all make yummy pizzas and deliver to your doorstep. So, what is your unique selling point which will make a customer click on your ad instead of your competitor?
    In this case, it could be that you have a 2-for-1 offer on Tuesdays and Fridays or you deliver in less than 30 minutes. This way, people looking to order pizza know precisely where to call to get your amazing deals.
  3. Utilize Keyword Match Types
    Chances are, ‘best pizza place in lake Tahoe’ is already taken by your competitors. If you keep trying to outbid each other for that specific keyword, the only thing you will achieve is making google richer.
    The best alternative is to find keyword match types that will still help you rank for that keyword, even if you don’t use it specifically. There are four ways to modify your keyword;
    Broad match type allows more users to find your ad as long as they search anyone or two words in that keyword.
    Broad match modified lets you add a particular word with a + sign before the keyword, so the searcher must include that word for them to see your ad.
    Phrase match type only shows up if the user’s search query is in the same exact order as yours. Whether there are other words before or after the keyword is inconsequential.
    Exact match only appears if the user searches that exact keyword only, so it’s very restrictive.
    You can learn all about keywords on your own or use an Adwords agency to help you do the heavy lifting.
  4. Use Negative Keywords
    You have done a thorough search of all the keywords you want to rank for and even made some modifiers. Now, you need to make a list of keywords that you don’t want your ad to rank for. Negative keywords reduce your Adword expenditure because you won’t be wasting clicks on the wrong users. They also help you select your target audience and avoid the rest, such as students doing research.
  5. Use the Right Automation Tools
    Technology has made it easy to automate results. One area where automation comes in handy is when searching for the right keywords. Tools such as SEMRush and can help you sift through keywords that your competitors are already using so you can stand out.
    Unbounce can also help you create, host and test landing pages easily if you don’t have a designer. It also comes with Dynamic Keyword Replacement that pulls the keywords searched into one landing page, so you don’t have to create a separate landing page for every ad campaign.
    What about knowing what people do when they visit your page? A tool like CrazyEgg can help you find out which ads and keywords are converting people into sales and which ones are not.
    Of all digital marketing platforms, Google Adwords still have the best ROI, especially because it’s fast and efficient. However, you have to take your time to know your target audience, create keywords that speak to them, and try to remarket to your old visitors and customers.

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