How Can You Keep Your Hard Surface Floors Clean?

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Clean and shiny hard surface floors in residential and commercial properties make a considerable impact. Walking in the lobby of a building or living room of the house and seeing the shiny wood floor helps you create a professional impression of the place.

Shinny hard floors not only look great, but they seem necessary for specific places. Carpets do make a good impression, but you cannot carpet every floor of your residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, people who are allergic to dust prefer hard surface floors instead of putting carpets as carpets can hold dust and debris. This dust and debris present in the carpet can lead to dust infections and can trigger many allergens.

Similarly, there are places in which you cannot place carpets like bathrooms and lobbies. Hardwood floors are the best choice for such a place, especially for kitchens. The reason is that these places handle heavy traffic and endure water spills. Carpet can get easily dirty in such sites and can cost you a lot of money for cleanup.

However, hard floors look clean and shiny, but they can show dirt, and the dust, debris, and track marks can make the floor look dirty and old. Moreover, if you neglect proper cleaning of the floors, the dirt can get below the finish and cost you a lot of money to repair or replace the flooring.

It is why it is essential to clean the floor regularly to maintain its integrity and appearance. You can hire hard surface cleaning services in the Bay area as the professionals know different tricks and methods to clean the floors effectively and efficiently. Moreover, you can clean the hardwood floors using a few techniques to make the floors look great.

Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Following are a few things that you can do to keep your floors neat and clean and save yourself from investing thousands of dollars in repairing and replacement.

Buy a Good Quality Door Mat

An effective way to keep the dust and debris from coming into your home or building is to stop it at the entrance. By using a good-quality doormat, you can prevent about 80% of the dust at the doors. Using the walk-off mat in the building, you can keep 98% of the soil away from the floors. These mats can keep your floors safe from getting dirty and increase their lifespan.

Use Chair Casters in Office Building to Save Floors from Scratching

Removing dirt from the hardwood floors might be easy but removing the scratches is an entirely different task. Moreover, it is a much more difficult task to do so. Therefore, you can save your office floors from scratching by chair casters. Furthermore, you can also use caster covers to soft the casters.

Place Protectors and Pads Bellow the Furniture

Another helpful technique to save the floors from scratches is using protectors and pads on the bottom of all the furniture pieces. Moreover, using pads when moving heavy furniture across the floor is an excellent way to save your floor from scratches.

Regular Vacuuming of Your Floor

Most people think that mopping hardwood floors is the best way to clean. However, vacuuming is also very essential to clean the floors. The reason is that the mops cannot entirely remove the soil and sand from the floor, but the vacuum can.

Mopping the Floor

In an office building, most of the rooms get a lot of sunlight, and in such spaces, the dust becomes more noticeable. Therefore, after vacuuming the floor, you should use a microfiber mop to clean the excess dust from the floor. After that, you can use a wet mop floor and remove the caked-on dirt from the floor.

Save the Floors from Water Spills

One thing you should do is to save your hardwood floor from moisture. However, the floors withstand moisture, but you should wipe the water spills quickly to restrain the stains from building on the floor.

Clean the Floors that Receive Extra Traffic More Attentively

You should observe the traffic patterns in your building and develop your cleaning strategy according to that. Moreover, you should invest more time in cleaning the floors that receive extra traffic. Furthermore, you can even vacuum and mop the floors multiple times a day to keep the floors tidy for a long time.

Make Sure to Use Appropriate Cleaners for the Task

It is essential to remember that not all cleaners are suitable and compatible with every floor type. Therefore, you would not like to use cleaning solutions that can void the warranty of your floors. You should always test the cleaning solution on a small area of the floor that is usually not visible before using the solution. Moreover, you can consult professionals to know different solutions that can best suit your flooring type.

Buff Your Floors regularly

If you Buff and burnish your floors on a weekly and semi-weekly basis, you can reduce the scratches and maintain the shine of your floors. You can burnish your floors at high speed to give your floors shine to look professional and provide a feeling of a clean environment.

Deep Clean Your Floors

You should give your floor deep cleaning along with regular cleaning. You can use the automated scrubber to deep clean the floors once a week or two weeks. However, deep cleaning majorly depends upon the amount of traffic the floors receive.

Attentively Clean the Grout

Dirt and dust can quickly build up in the grout and for bacteria there. Moreover, the discolored grout can make the appearance of the floor look bad. Moreover, if you have tiles, you should regularly clean the grout lines.

Bottom Line

Cleaning the wood floor gives your floors a fresh look. However, it might seem complicated for you to clean the hard surface floor regularly, but you can make a maintenance plan. It will help you save from frustration and save a lot of your money repairing and replacing the wood floors.

By regular maintenance of your floors, you increase the lifespan of your floors and keep everyone safe from dust, debris, and other allergens.

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Edward Smith is an expert in residential and corporate cleaning. He suggests that regular cleaning of your floors increases the lifespan of the floors and provides multiple health benefits.

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