How Cataract Surgery Solve the Problem of Astigmatism

How Cataract Surgery Solve the Problem of Astigmatism
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Have you recently developed cataracts? If yes, then you will know intraocular lens implants or IOLs may help to improve your eyesight. Your farsightedness and nearsightedness will also improve in sometime. So, what should you do when you suffer from astigmatism? Well, IOLs can actually fix them. Go through this post to know how astigmatism can be dealt through a cataract surgery.

About Astigmatism

Astigmatism is said to be a common problem of your eyes that mean your eye is not round perfectly. People who suffer from astigmatism have eyes that seem to be oblong-shaped. Due to this reason, the light is bent more in the same direction than other when it enters into the eye so taht only part of an object might remain in focus. Mostly, astigmatism cases are corrected by wearing lenses, glasses or performing a surgery.

What you should know about cataract surgery and astigmatism

Toric IOL

Different methods are there to correct astigmatism with a cataract surgery. The common option is by replacing cloudy lens through an intraocular lens known as a toric IOL.

A toric IOL is the finest IOL that works in the same way to toric contact lenses for astigmatism. With toric IOLs, the problem of astigmatism can be corrected by changing how light refracts through the lens. So, the toric IOL can be implanted securely within the eye but it leads to proper correction when compared to toric contact lens that moves on the eyes surface while blinking. Unlike toric contact lenses, toric IOLs can be made with different powers for correcting irregular power of your eye.

So, laser cataract surgery is believed to be the best procedure of cataract surgery for implanting a toric IOL. With the help of a laser to make initial incision in your cornea with high degree of precision, this provides more accurate positioning of toric IOL within the eye.

Limbal Relaxing Incisions

Being another option o a toric IOL, your eye surgeon will make some small incisions in your eye for correcting the problem of astigmatism during a cataract surgery. These are known as limbal relaxing incisions or LRI which have been designed to fix your eye shape with small yet deep cuts around cornea’s outer edge.

But limbal relaxing incisions will differ depending on the skills of eye surgeon. Most surgeons who provide LRI will be able to make incisions effectively and safely however, the extent of that effectiveness will depend on how strong your astigmatism is. Mostly, astigmatism can be solved entirely through LRI. If further corrections are needed, then the eye surgeon may suggest undergoing a laser corrective surgery such as PRK or LASIK.  Most patients either choose a LRI or toric IOL for the correction of astigmatism.

Cataract surgery for astigmatism

Cataract surgery is believed to be the safest procedure for the removal of a cataract. But everyone is not the suitable candidate for it and cataract surgery should be done only when the cataracts begin to affect overall quality of life. This consists of loss of vision that interfere your daily activities such as reading, driving and so on. But when your vision loss is not that severe, cataract surgery may not be required.

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