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The effects of a botox treatment take about 3 to 4 days to kick in. But you can always try little exercises that can help you speed up this process. As part of a research, a bunch of women did facial exercises after botox and as a result, the wrinkles and fine lines on their faces were reduced in almost a day or two, when compared to the 3 to 4 days wait for the women who did not do the exercises. 

According to a Northwestern Medicine study, if you are regular with your facial exercises after getting your botox treatment injections, it can help in speeding up the change in the appearance by one day. Botox treatment is really helpful for reducing forehead frown lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, etc. It also helps you in achieving a more youthful and relaxed appearance. It can easily last for several months. The effects of the botox treatment still take a few months to kick in properly. Botox treatment in Ahmedabad has become quite popular in the last few years. Blooming Wellness is one place where you will find the best dermatologist in Ahmedabad for a good and effective botox treatment. 

Why do you need the exercise?

Basically, the way Botox operates is that it will temporarily paralyze the muscles in your face. You use these muscles for everything like smiling, talking, etc. In order to do this, the toxins are required to be attached to the nerve receptors that usually help in activating these muscles. When you activate your facial muscles post your botox-treatment it can not only stimulate the nerves, but also help the toxins to stick to them more quickly. 

There have been quite a few studies and experiments in the last few years where people went under a botox treatment in ahmedabad and some of them were asked to exercise while the rest were advised not to exercise their face muscles post the treatment.

The exercise

The exercises usually include the raised motions of the forehead and scowling. In scowling, you try to knit the brows in three sets of 40 repetitions which are to be done at the interval of 10 minutes. In this particular study, after six months when the treatment effects were worn off, the participants were treated again. After this retreatment, the ones who were asked to exercise earlier were now told not to do so, while the patients who didn’t exercise previously were now supposed to follow an exercise routine. This allowed doctors to see particular changes in how the body reacts after the treatments, if there are differences in way different patients react to the exercise or not. 

After this entire process, both dermatologists and patients found out that forehead wrinkles were better in almost two or three days after treatment if it is followed by the suggested set of exercises. By almost the end of two weeks, there was absolutely no difference in the way exercise and non-exercise patients reacted to it. There is actually no difference in also how the treatments work before they wear off. With more than 60% of the patients feeling like the exercises made the muscles relax and also reduced the wrinkles much faster than without having to exercise. Also most of these patients found out that these facial exercises were extremely easy to perform.

When you go for a dermal fillers treatment in Ahmedabad or visit a beauty salon in Ahmedabad for the purpose of using fillers or botox for your face, you will see most of them suggest you particular exercise to bring the treatment into effect much more quickly.


Regardless of where or from whom you get your botox treatment from, when you engage the targeted muscles of the face by the way of exercise, you are trying to make your face look smoother. This works sooner without actually having the treatment to work longer than usual. The exercises might sound like a lot but they are actually quite easy to perform, as told by most patients. Blooming Wellness has some of the best cosmetologist in Ahmedabad and they are probably of the same opinion that exercises after botox treatment are quite helpful.

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