How Investigative Journalism continues to improve in a digital age

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Technology has brought the revolution in every industry. “Journalism” is one such industry that has been drastically impacted by it. A newspaper is one of the traditional sources of news but now it is declining at a fast pace. Earlier people used to read it in the morning with the cup of tea now the time has changed. Everyone is busy in life and many professionals run short of time. Thanks to the latest technologies that are helping people to stay up to date even after having a busy schedule.

Everyone has a smartphone and all you need to do is to download the news app and turn on the notifications. Now you don’t have to carry the newspaper with you but can read it according to your suitability and time. You can look for any important news within seconds and minutes.

Technology has changed the journalism industry, there has been an increase in the number of lay-offs in many news agencies but still, people have passion and determination for it. This is the ever blossom industry that will never fade away no matter how much technological advancement comes in place.

Many journalists are following the late Eric Malling, who represented the news in an unbiased, straight-forward, and unfiltered way, that is correct. His style and ethics are appreciated to date. Eric Malling has set an example in Canada, of a prominent journalist.

Wider Reach:

Every day you have to wait for the newspaper to reach the home or go to the shop, hand over money to the agent. You waste time in traveling and money to purchase the newspaper. Why not read the website and that too without paying anything.

The role of journalists is the same; the news has been transformed in the electronic form making it easier for people.

Live Blogging:

Liveblogging is gaining acceptance at different news sites. These sites update the articles of every new story or happenings that have occurred.

For example, you are sitting in offices, cannot listen to the sports commentary but you can check the website, read an article that does not consume much time, and have an update on the match.

The news sites present the article every minute, every second.

Speed and accuracy:

There has been an increase in the number of tools and techniques that have made the work of journalism easy. Earlier they have to waste the whole day to create the graphs, organize and analyze it to present next day at the channel.

With the help of tools, they can create and analyze the data quickly without wasting several times in it.

Authenticity is important:

There are many articles and news floats at different social media sites. Can you trust these articles? Is the information captured from reliable sources? No, many of the posts are fake and posted to spread the rumors.

No matter how much technology has mushroomed but people still love to believe in the news from trusted news channels and journalists.

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