How Much Is It Safe To Exercise In Pregnancy?

How Much Is It Safe To Exercise In Pregnancy?
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While exercising is great for the mother and the health of the mother, but an intense workout is not what you should do. Exercise in pregnancy can indeed help you stay in shape and ease out your labor. You must think pregnancy is only about laying back and sipping your water in the room for the whole day. A matter of fact is that pregnancy is not about staying lazy. The unusual gain of weight and the unbearable pain could vanish if you know the right amount of exercise that you should do. 


Well! If you haven’t received any advice on your health as of now, pregnancy is the right time to get started with that. 

Why Exercise In Pregnancy?

There are many ways through which exercising could help you if you do it right, with or without pregnancy. Here is what you should know about pregnancy and exercising. It reduces the backaches that you get more often because of carrying a life in your womb. Being a mother is not easy. It comes with its own sets of complications like constipation, bloating, and swelling. It can be relieved if you work out. You never know when you are feeling happy or sad. The fluctuation in energy levels is balanced with exercising. It also promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance. It is no secret that you are going to get those extra pregnancy inches. It can definitely help you with that. 


The other benefits of sticking to a consistent exercise program during pregnancy may include a lower risk of gestational diabetes, shortened labor, and a lessened risk of having a C-section. These are all the additional benefits of exercising, apart from the ones mentioned in the former paragraph. 

What Kinds Of Activities Are Safe During Pregnancy?

If you were working out before your pregnancy and now that you are pregnant you think you can stop it. So we must tell you, no, you should continue working out. You should consult your gynecologist for the same. For instance, if you have played tennis then you should continue doing that. They are the sports pregnant ladies should continue doing in the first two trimesters. Later as your belly gets bigger you can change your exercises and shift to lighter ones. Here are the top easy peasy exercises you can do to stay healthy. 


Walking is beneficial for you anyway. The pace of your walk can only be decided considering your health. If you wish to go brisk walking, it is completely up to you. The most important benefit of walking is that it does not strain your joints or muscles. 


Who doesn’t like going under the water even when you’re pregnant? Like seriously, a little bit of splash in the water is only going to cheer your mood. The water supports the weight of your baby. Above all, it keeps your heart rate up. You can only walk and swim underwater but don’t try to cover larger distances. It is highly supportive when you have lower back pain, and you are not allowed to do any other workout. 

Ride Bike

Riding a usual bicycle might be dangerous, but there is no harm in rising a stationary bike. The chances of falling from a regular bike are higher than the stationary one. So e highly recommend you riding a stationary bicycle. The latest fitness articles recommend riding it for half an hour daily. 

Yoga And Pilate

If you have never been a big fan of flexibility, then it is the time you start focusing on yoga. The more flexible you are, the less labor pain you get. It is easy to push out the baby when you are flexible. Ask your pilate or yoga instructor if you should continue with the same flow or not. Do exactly, as they say. They will modify the poses, the ones which can be harmful to a pregnant lady. 

Aerobic Classes

While aerobics is a highly intensive workout, but it can be great if you keep the intensity bar low. Low-impact aerobics is great for moving your body and getting the same results. For example, walking, riding a stationary bike, and using an elliptical machine. They put less impact on your body than the usual ones. Here is what you should know, you need to put at least one leg on the ground if you want to stay safe. High-impact aerobics require both feet off the ground which could be harmful to the baby. It includes skipping ropes and dancing. 

Strength Training

It can help you build muscle and make your bones way stronger. As you give birth to a baby, you also lose quite a lot of calcium from the bones. It is even safer when you lift lighter weights.

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