How Sammy EHR Can Benefit Podiatry Practices

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Sammy EHR

Often when a practice is starting out, the question of software comes up. You may be tempted to look at big names that offer generic EHR experiences. While this may work if you aren’t a specialty practice, the reality may be different for a podiatry facility. As a practitioner working at a podiatry facility, you need the right tools to work to your best capacity.

This is where Sammy EHR comes in. This is software that has been built specifically for podiatry practices and organizations. The software is a sophisticated alternative that has been created only for the sake of podiatry clinics. It allows you to get the best of EHR, without compromising on the needs of your practice.

Read through our article to learn more about how Sammy EHR software can improve your podiatry clinic.

About Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a podiatry software that has been around for the last thirty tears. The software has been available for both small and medium-sized practices. It aims to cover the software needs that podiatry practices experience. This goal also comes with a practice management solution. This allows you to handle the daily administrative tasks as well.

Features of Sammy EHR

Next, let’s look into how having Sammy EHR on your side can benefit your podiatry practice.

Efficient Documentation

Gathering information about patients during encounters is crucial. This information is typically added to the EHR database so you have a comprehensive idea of the patient’s medical history. Using Sammy EHR, you can actually carry out documentation in an effective way. This allows you to quickly enter in notes without losing focus on the patient.

You can use templates that are specific to podiatry procedures and diseases. You also have the option of utilizing voice recognition software, which can help you convert speech to text immediately. This allows you to create patient notes during the encounter. It cuts down on work time after hours and makes sure your patient doesn’t feel ignored as you type.

You can also repeat commonly utilized notes with just one click. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing notes and can carry out routine visits easily. The documentation tools are a hit amongst Sammy EHR reviews. They really enable the software to carry out work efficiently.

Remotely Accessible Interface

Next up, we cannot talk about the benefits of Sammy without discussing the accessibility of the software. Sammy is a completely cloud-based software. What this means is that practices do not need anything but an internet connection to use it. This can be extremely useful when reviewing patient information after clinic hours.

It also means that it is a more affordable option for podiatrists. Because the software is cloud-based, it does not need expensive hardware servers. Instead, it is hosted on the cloud. The software also updates consistently in the background, so you don’t need to worry about lags. You can continue to provide care to your patients without any interruptions.

Intuitive Patient Portal

Sammy also offers patients a chance to interact with their own healthcare. As trends have changed, patients expect greater transparency and involvement from doctors. This can be facilitated through the software’s patient portal. This can allow patients to become stakeholders in their own care.

Additionally, it also gives patients access to a number of tools that can help with the management. For one, patients can sign in and schedule their own appointments. This makes things a lot easier for front desk staff, who don’t have to carry the burden alone. It also makes sure that patients choose a time and day that works best for them.

Finally, all patients detest the experience of waiting at the doctor’s office. Instead of having to wait, patients can simply fill up their intake forms at home and go straight in for their appointments. One of the best tools available is the ability to communicate with their doctors. They can ask for refills, get appointment times, and even reach out in case of emergency.

Optimal Patient Security

Of course, as a healthcare provider, you will care about the safety of your patients. You want to make sure that any software you use is safe and secure. In that way, Sammy EHR is a great option for you. The whole software is completely HIPAA compliant and made to be impenetrable. You don’t have to worry about losing any patient data.

Any imaging results you gather are also kept safe, and attached to your patient records. Even when you share the information, it is not made vulnerable to attack. That way, if your patient is going to another clinic, you don’t have to worry. You can simply fax over the patient record without any anxiety over patient security.

You can also keep track of changes made to the system. Typically when you get an EHR, you will add in a number of users. Any changes made to the patient data and the software, in general, can be tracked. This helps you have complete control over the changes made and ensures no data is lost.

Updated Financial Health

No practice is completely successful if it is financially unhealthy. One thing that can really bring down health is denied claims. They can also really impact the morale of the doctors working at your practice. This is where Sammy comes into the picture. Using the software, you can make strategic changes that can reduce the number of denied claims.

When you are creating claims, errors are flagged and highlighted so you can fix them. You can also check if patients are eligible for insurance as soon as they book an appointment. This helps you stay prepared and informed. You will know exactly who their provider is, what part of the treatment is covered, and more. This can help you bring your financial health up.

Is Sammy EMR the Right Fit for Me?

If you are a podiatry practice, Sammy EHR may just be right for you. However, just so you are sure about your decision, we would recommend more research. You can try reading reviews or even looking through the demo for more clarity.

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