5 Tips to Boost Your WI Fi Range

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There is nothing worse than going on an important video call or presenting a webinar and then bam – you are offline because the internet signal is cut off. Or even if it hasn’t gone down all the way, the connection gets weak and you are now walking around your house, laptop in hand, trying to find a decent connection and the kitchen table.

how to boost your wi fi range

Resort to taking the rest of the call from (with the kids screaming in the background). Having the right home office setup doesn’t help when you are forced to relocate at any time due to a poor internet connection.

Now that almost everyone is working from home, the speed of the Internet connection has become the most valuable new currency for many organizations.

For most of us this is priceless, so how can average professionals improve their home connectivity without spending a fortune? This is exactly the question I asked some home connectivity experts.

These experts agree that the COVID-19 outbreak has drastically changed internet traffic patterns and capacity requirements. Here are some specific recommendations to boost your wi fi range.

1. Find the place in your house with the best connection speed

Before making that essential video call, take the time to walk around your house (portable device) to find out if you find the best connection for your home.

Wifi configuration. If your strongest sign is in the bathroom, you probably want to find out beforehand. Finally, you may decide to relocate your router to avoid being introduced into your tub.

2. Choose the best location for your router

Shioles Wireless, CEO of Android Apps that Boost Mobile Internet Speed, recommends using an Ethernet cable to connect to the Jim Mains router for the best possible connection.

If that is not possible, he advises: “Make sure the WiFi router is located in a high place without obstruction in your house. Don’t hide your router in the closet. “

3. Router troubleshooting

especially if your home is large or rooms are far away, consider purchasing a best WiFi extender or bogus network to improve your connectivity range. Hands also suggests: “Download the WiFi signal test app and check for channel interference, then adjust your router to avoid interference.

” He insists that this would be especially useful if you have neighbors with WiFi signals that overlap with yours. Of course, if your connectivity is slow, try resetting your router, and if all else fails, consider upgrading your router or cable modem (especially if it’s older).

4. Adjust your family’s consumption habits to reduce your daily bandwidth needs:

Watch your family’s activities for a few days and do a “data audit” to see if you have unnecessarily high bandwidth. Consume or not.

The men also recommend, “Provide extra bandwidth throughout the day. Day. Try to uninstall the bandwidth consuming app at night and download a video for kids. 

5. Explore your backup connection options.

Although you can usually use your mobile phone as a backup hotspot, data can run out quickly, so you should consider purchasing a mobile backup hotspot. Peace of mi5.

Explore your backup connection options – although you can usually use a mobile phone as a backup hotspot, data can quickly run out. Therefore, you can consider purchasing a mobile hotspot for more peace of mind.

Since most professionals are home-related these days, mobility might not be as important when working from home, but this extra safeguard can be a kind of insurance policy if your network home is notoriously inconsistent or your phone has limited data.

Also, be sure to contact your ISP to see if they offer enhanced data plans for little or no additional cost during this time.

While it can be frustrating to be forced into a remote working environment, it is even more frustrating with continuous dropped calls, poor audio, and slow moving apps.

Taking a few simple steps to improve your WiFi performance can be worth it. A continous slow internet connection doesn’t just impact your productivity. It can also affect your mood.

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