How to Choose the Best Ayurvedic Hair Colour

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Getting your hair coloured is the new trend that has moved out of the fashion circles and positioned itself firmly in the circles of the hoi polloi. Today, colouring one’s hair has become a necessity for the masses. While some opt for this to get a completely new look, others prefer to use hair colour for covering their greys. In both scenarios, people actively look for the hair colour that matches their skin tone, without having any side effects. You will, therefore, be surprised to know that both these conditions are being gloriously fulfilled by the ayurvedic hair colours that have recently started trending in the world market. However, while choosing an ayurvedic hair dye or hair colour, you must know a few crucial things about the generic hair colours to avoid hair and skin damage.

Hair dyes or hair colours have become a very normal option for people who usually have grey hair, because of its easy application and fast results. But the results of the organically natural hair colours don’t last longer than a few weeks. Only the generic hair colours offer a longer duration of colours for marketing purposes. Repeated applications of which cause multiple side effects like hair damage and other serious problems like hair fall, roughness, split ends, scalp allergies and irritations, swollen eyes and many more, due to the harmful chemicals present in them. Hence, bringing us to the burning question—which hair dye is safest for multiple and prolonged applications? The answer being—any 100% natural hair colour that also gets categorised as an ayurvedic hair dye.

Ayurvedic hair dye is rich in natural herbs that don’t have any side effects. Natural herbs like Amla, Henna, Jojoba Oil and other 100% organic natural herbal extracts not only nourish your hair but also retain their natural shine and color. Then, instead of falling for populist advertising jargons like “organic” and “herbal”, we must check whether any harmful ingredients like Ammonia, PPD, or any other heavy metals are present or not, as they not just damage your hair but sometimes even cause very severe allergic reactions and skin cancers.

Indus Valley’s botanical hair colours are infused with natural herbs like Henna, Amla, Indigo Plant Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, etc., that are safe and healthy for hair and scalp. Being 100% natural hair colour, it causes no harm to your hair and comes in four beautiful shades: Indus Black, Soft Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown.

Another major concern we all face while opting for a hair colour is Dryness. Hair can become rough and dry after treated with ammonia that is present in generic hair colours. Ammonia penetrates into the inner layer of the hair strands, weakens and dries them from their roots. But Indus Valley’s botanical hair colours nourish your hair, and in fact, strengthen them from their roots. That is why any 100% natural hair colour is always a better option to keep hair healthy. Indus Valley’s botanical hair colours also last for up to 6 weeks while maintaining the natural tone of your hair.

Benefits of 100% natural hair colour or ayurvedic hair dye:

1) It not only prevents hair damage but also nourishes them by moisturising and conditioning post the colouring session.

2) Herbs like Amla, Henna, etc. present in the naturally organic hair colour prevents dandruff and enhances the growth of new hair.

3) It smoothens your hair strands, makes them thicker, shinier and healthier.

4) Natural herb extracts in natural hair dye prevents premature hair greying.

5) It gives your hair a natural look as there are no chemical applications.

All these things make 100% natural hair colour your most optimum choice. While choosing the best ayurvedic hair colour for your hair, make sure that all of the above requirements are fulfilled. Then, finally, you must opt for a hair colour that is a shade lighter than your original hair colour to make the right fashion statement. Never take things lightly when it comes to your hair and skin.

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