How to create passive annuities?

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Would you like to live on a pension?

Waking up in the morning and not needing to rush to work?

Examine how abundant cash you earned while you were dreaming?

For many, it is a good dream.

For a few (perhaps none) it is a reality.

After so many years it is almost a hobby for me.

I honestly like it.

I like to wake up, make my coffee, relax for half an hour and then leave for the office.

I am passionate about new projects and sometimes I like even the most repetitive activities.

I try to constantly improve myself and customers appreciate me because I add value to their business.

In the end, I also manage to save some money and my salary arrives regularly on the 27th of each month.

But the thing I like the most is when I am a son-in-law of Passive Income.

Today, while driving on the A4 between Seriate and Palazzolo, I had an insight into a new way to generate a new Passive Income.

TOP. Those are the things that change my day.

It made my day …

But let’s go in order and see what we are talking about and why generating Passive Income is important.

In this article

  • What are Passive Annuities?
  • But how many Passive Annuities can you have?
  • What to do with the Annuities?
  • My Passive Income
  • # 1 – Reward / Cashback
  • # 2 – Lending
  • # 3 – Real estate investments
  • # 4 – Equity investments
  • # 5 – Other financial investments
  • My Semi-Passive Annuities
  • Conclusions

What are Passive Annuities?

With the term Annuity, we mean the income received simply thanks to the ownership of a resource.

Here is that classically the annuities derive from real estate properties, investments in companies, or financial instruments.

An Annuity is Passive if it is generated automatically, without the person receiving it have to do anything.

A minimum of activities at least in the initial phase must always be done.

But once the process has begun, the rents then go on on their own and enrich those who perceive it.

But how many Passive Annuities can you have?

There is no limit to the activities that can make and guarantee you Passive Income.

The best thing is that they can be linked to increasing total annuities.

If you do your research, there are tons of ideas for passively generating income.

I count at least 4 or 5 of those that generate money for me.

What to do with the Annuities?

Live on the fat of the land?

To get to this level, you have to go a little way.

Accumulate a lot of investments and make a lot of money go around.

The easiest way to speed up the process is to reinvest the profits.

The famous power of compound interest.

But sometimes passive income is also spent.

Otherwise, you will never realize how much you are creating.

So also for this component of your income, you can use the same criteria that you use for the rest of your money.

At least 20/30% of your Passive Income, if you can, spend it on goods that give you pleasure.

There is no use saving for the sake of saving.

Much better to give yourself small rewards.

Let’s see what are some possible sources of passive income.

The list is not complete but it is real.

My Passive Income

Here we come to the last income I found.

# 1 – Reward / Cashback

The other day I reviewed the Wirex Card.

A card to spend Bitcoins.

It has a magical function: the crypto back.

Nothing new, simply the return of 0.5% of the amount spent with the card.

The return takes place directly in BTC.

There are other cards with this cashback function (American Express Blue Card).

My simple idea is to link the card to my Paypal account and use it when I spend.

This way I can simply get Bitcoin.

What to do with these (few) accumulated BTCs?

# 2 – Lending

You can spend the BTC or invest.

I prefer to hold a position in BTC, rather than accumulate it.

That’s why they earned a move on my behalf Poloniex to earn thanks to Lending of criptovalute.

If Crypto is not for you (and I understand you), you can always lend Euros on Peer Peer lending platforms.

I recently told you about the Credit Exchange, a marketplace where companies can ask for loans and private individuals to finance them.

But there are so many.

The most interesting, in terms of yield, I must say are foreign ones.

Surely they are also the riskiest ones so watch out.

# 3 – Real estate investments

Real estate investments are one of the classic forms of rent.

I buy a house and rent it.

I collect the fee every month and maintain my standard of living.

Not bad.

As long as you have the initial capital.

If you don’t have it, at least to an extent that you can buy a house to make an income, you can try real estate crowdfunding and specialized platforms.

In this way, you can invest in real estate without having to concentrate your risk on a single apartment and with modest initial capital.

I currently invest part of my proceeds from Matched Betting on Housers.

# 4 – Equity investments

I don’t have any, but I’d like to go back and look at the stock market sooner or later.

With a view to passive income, it would not be bad to select healthy companies with stable dividends distributed annually.

Dividends are a good form of passive income.

Ideas? Suggestions?

# 5 – Other financial investments

Even the investment in Moneyfarm or any case any investment in bonds, government securities, repurchase agreements, deposit accounts has a component of creating passive revenue streams.

Honestly today, many financial instruments do not have significant returns, but in the past, this was not the case.

In any case, if the yield decreases, the risk generally also decreases.

The problem is that the annuity generated risks not repaying even the annual devaluation resulting from inflation.

But at least they do not lose value and that is why I will direct part of my savings anyway towards this kind of investment.

My Semi-Passive Annuities

Eh now, what are semi-passive annuities?

They are activities to be carried out and which require an initial effort, but which once carried out guarantee performance for long periods.

The classic example is writing a book or recording a song that allows you to live on rights.

They are not easy activities to do.

Above all, I don’t know of any activities that do not require maintenance.

And so even the sale of a book requires a constant investment in advertising.

Today times are very fast and there is nothing that lasts more than a few months.

If I think about my semi-passive income then I would never post my blog.

There are indeed old articles that get a lot of views.

But the commitment and writing for those who have a blog must be constant.

In the end, Google is unlikely not to penalize outdated articles.

Instead, I have a couple of sites built years ago aimed solely at monetizing on Amazon.

They don’t make many 10 Euros a month just because I never update them.

In any case, they have a purely passive return, but they took a few hours to create.


Some say that passive annuities do not exist.

Others say they are the only way to escape the job trap.

I think they are cool but to achieve them you need ideas, capital, and perseverance.

I will never fail to share every new idea and inspiration always trying to create a flow of money that connects my income automatically with a multiplicative effect.

For now, we are only a few euros, but I have just started and will keep you updated!

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